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Joined 23 February 2017
11 JUN AT 11:51

I don't write anymore,
not because I cannot,
but because I am not able to.


11 JUN AT 11:48

they would have narrated
the moments we missed
while capturing them.


10 JUN AT 14:38

grown and nurtured,
the atmosphere it
survives in.


10 JUN AT 14:28

that the sanity comes in
with the insanity that we
clutch in our moans.


8 JUN AT 16:57

room of several dishes,
with the aroma of love,
and a handful of deserts
scattering through her smile.


8 JUN AT 16:33

अब है जिंदगी के कुछ मरहले बाकी,
जो सौ दफ़ा दफ़न होकर भी
फिर एक बार जीने की तमन्ना बाकी रखते हैं।


8 JUN AT 16:05

keeping the permanence
seem like temperance,
and the temperance
seem unchangeable.


8 JUN AT 11:22

which teaches you to
swim without drowning,
and drown deeper
without making you realize
that you can swim.


8 JUN AT 9:14


My pen couldn't see
what my thoughts could.
My thoughts couldn't feel
what my pen could.
Doesn't the same goes on
with life and death?
When life pretends to be blind,
death feels all it desires to,
When death pretends to be blind,
life sees all it never wished to.
Sometimes, pretending and
let others fall prey to the lies,
is the best thing that a person
with the best vision can do.


7 JUN AT 16:55

a little space to grow,
and little watering to
spread the aroma it holds.


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