Bharath Nandibhatla 24 APR 2017 AT 1:10

I remember playing by your farmhouse,
with my friends, on summer evenings.
You used to spend your vacations here,
away from that city you call home.

I remember our first encounter,
it was a game of Hide & Seek.
You were a newbie, all unaware,
and I knew every possible place to hide.

You still caught me, besides my other friends.
You smiled, when you spotted me.
You caught me, maybe.
But, it's your smile that seized me.

You were wearing braces,
but your smile was a charm.
Maybe because you smiled with your eyes,
those sapphires, deep and vast, like an ocean.

You left, at the onset of monsoon,
just like the dry winds did, traceless.
And there I was, drenching in the monsoon showers,
waiting for the dry winds again. Irony much!

The dry winds returned, the sun hotter.
Then came monsoon, later than forecasted.
Years passed by, almost a decade.
The dry winds are here, sun hotter than ever.

I'm right here, by the farmhouse,
at the same spot you caught me.
This time, I'm seeking you,
and you've been hiding for too long.

- Landlocked Sailor

She's too good at the game.

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