Language Festival 2018
Following the constellations,
we found our way back home.
But we were lost in each other
and were never found again.

Binary stars, with a common centre,
the both of us, yet one,
apparently winding into a black hole,
to be lost and never found again.

Our thoughts, our hearts, our beats,
disordered, unlike those constellations,
more like foggy clouds,
dense, but vague,
showering love, as we move on.

Silver linings to each of us,
golden with the sun behind us.
And to top it all, 
we light up the sky,
the horizon, as we touch.

A slice of heaven,
in each of us.
A whole of us,
in each of us.

Lost in each other,
we found love.
Paradox? No.
Just a lovely mystery.

Sagarika Baidh Took a cue from those last four lines you wrote.