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Bharath Nandibhatla (Landlocked Sailor)

Loves wordplay and is obsessed with puns. (Quite a sickening obsession) Writing is catharsis when in crisis. A deep passion, every other time. Most of my works are fiction. Please don't ping me asking if I'm fine. :/

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This women's day,
I wish to celebrate
my feminine side.

If I can embrace
the woman in me,
I can empower
the woman in me.

To all the strong women out there, thanks for being a reflection all men are yet to embrace. I look up to you because you let me look into me.

8 MAR AT 8:16

Unfamiliar faces. 
Total strangers, waiting.
One, worried about being late
to his very first date.
Another, excited to see
his newly-wed wife open
the door to him, after a long day.
An old man, waiting for 
his grandson to pick him up.
A pretty girl, staying all vigilant
about creeps lurking around.
Mr. Sardarji, with his dense beard
throwing a heartfelt smile at me,
ready to start a conversation.
And at a corner, a toddler,
in his mother's arms,
staring at me, wearing
an innocent smile.

Waiting rooms. Railway stations.
Unfamiliar faces. Familiar emotions.
All of us, on different walks of life,
waiting for the very same train.
Irony. And yet, a beauty of its kind.

Waiting rooms. A cocktail of emotions.

7 MAR AT 0:19

That kid with wings and arrows,
he works too hard, everyday,
to make sure love is in the air.

What about child labour now?
Do you ever think of that?
No! You only think of yourself.

Love is in the air. What about his dreams? Chained because of all the labour. Mean people. I feel ya, Cupid.

6 MAR AT 20:27

But she's a muggle. 
What could she do 
with a time turner?

Well, she was never one
to travel back in time.
She was one to tame it,
to bend it to her liking.

While wizards were busy
mastering their spells,
weaving magic through wands,
she set out to be the magic.

She knew no spell.
But she was one.
She had no wand,
but every wand had her.

I'm a wizard weaving magic.
She was a muggle breathing it.

A muggle that was magic.

6 MAR AT 0:45

in my head.
Their weight, 
on my chest.

Funny how it works for men!

5 MAR AT 6:16

There she was,
checking my pulse.

Funny how my heartbeat
was counting my heartbeats.

Funnier how she stole my heart
and yet tried finding my pulse.

In the mood for cheesy. Things you do after having a cheese burst!

5 MAR AT 1:48

Because there are a million cells
dying for you every second.

Also, it's funny how cells divide to multiply! Feel free to Collab.

4 MAR AT 22:47

Hide &Seek

#audioquote Performing an old poem, a favourite. Indhumathi Nagarajan hey, I remember this was one of your favourites too. Hope you like it. 😊

4 MAR AT 0:40

"How do you age so gracefully?"

"By waking up next to you,
  every new morning!"

It was never about sleeping with you. It was always about waking up next to you!

3 MAR AT 4:50

This Holi,
I want you to wear
your true colour.

And not what the world splashes at you.

2 MAR AT 21:10