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Bharath Nandibhatla (Landlocked Sailor)

Loves wordplay and is obsessed with puns. (Quite a sickening obsession) Writing is catharsis when in crisis. A deep passion, every other time. Most of my works are fiction. Please don't ping me asking if I'm fine. :/

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Move on, 
not ahead.

Like Time.
Unlike Tides.

Move on, for solitude. Move ahead, for isolation.

28 JUL AT 11:42

I'm making myself
a wonderful autobiography.
There shall be plot twists
in every page, I assure you.

Brew yourself a cocktail,
while you read it.
That's exactly what
my autobiography's gonna be.

A tinge of everything,
and nothing too.

Join me in. Be a part of my autobiography.

28 JUL AT 11:38

You fall in love with her.
You think she's perfect.
Then she gets naked.
You see her many scars.

Do you still love her?

If you don't, 
you've never loved her, at all.

If you did,
then I wish for you,
that she loves your scars too.

Otherwise, you're going downtown, brother.

28 JUL AT 3:14

Light cast a dark shadow.
Around me.

Darkness cast a bright shadow.
Within me.

Of shadows and reflections.

25 JUL AT 21:12

After I die,
look at the night sky.
When you see that star twinkling,
that's me, at you, winking.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, that's me winking at you, from afar.

24 JUL AT 19:56