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Work in progress
Joined 12 March 2018
Asfa Mobin YESTERDAY AT 2:12

My right hand's in the way
of the white light of the lamp.
Its fingers unconsciously move
to bring big black shadows
on the wardrobe's white.
A dog, a snake, a dinosaur,
a strangle, a wolf,
a tiptoe, claws,
a fist, another strangle,
a victory sign.
I hear an encore
from the black night,
its audience not a surprise.
But it's the white moon
whistling and rooting that makes them
less of a shadow, less of a colour,
more of character.
I hear it was
a blackout Tuesday today.
For me, it was a little play
of black and white.


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Asfa Mobin YESTERDAY AT 0:47

ask to be loved.
It only wished
to be seen
once in a while,
maybe longer than a mile,
and shorter than the Nile.


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Asfa Mobin 2 JUN AT 22:50

You are
cordially invited
to the wedding
of so and so
on this date



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Asfa Mobin 2 JUN AT 21:19

When someone invites me to collab.


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Asfa Mobin 2 JUN AT 19:23

Poha before

Poha after
I drowned it
in water


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Asfa Mobin 2 JUN AT 18:42

you write 'Aap bahut achcha likhti hain. Mera bhi dekhen'.

you write 'C me 2. Achcha lagega'.


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Asfa Mobin 2 JUN AT 18:20

To be part of together
even when a part's apart.


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Asfa Mobin 2 JUN AT 17:02

My followers when I bless their feed with a diarrhoea of my quotes. 😛


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Asfa Mobin 2 JUN AT 16:57

you were a haiku
with perfect syllables
just not evoking
the perfect imagery.


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Asfa Mobin 2 JUN AT 15:59

It doesn't matter how often you write.
What matters is how right
you write often,
not only in your spellings and punctuations,
but also how you choose to
write the spellings
and punctuations
of the right side of history.


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