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Work in progress
Joined 12 March 2018
Asfa Mobin 17 JAN AT 16:13

which looks
the prettiest
when blooming
in darkness,
from darkness,
towards light .


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Asfa Mobin 9 JAN AT 17:13

तुम जो मुंह छिपाए घुस आते हो
है शर्म नहीं, फिर क्यों इतना शर्माते हो
नक़ाब हटाओ तो समझ आए
कि शर्म भी तुमसे क्यों इतना शर्माए


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Asfa Mobin 4 JAN AT 23:26

When the weak
take flight,
the sky becomes
the colour of might.


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Asfa Mobin 1 JAN AT 23:36

I speak to you
in the language of nights.
Slow, lazy, lost
in its letterless black.
You listen in
the dialect of days.
Hurried, running, found
everywhere in letters of black.
Blooming, dying
in between,
a rose struggles
to speak
for itself.


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Asfa Mobin 27 DEC 2019 AT 23:12

burn a home

live with the ashes.


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Asfa Mobin 25 DEC 2019 AT 17:12

Last December, I was
waiting for January
like a ritual to be followed
without fail.

This December, January is
waiting for me like a follower
that ritualised a like
without fail.


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Asfa Mobin 20 DEC 2019 AT 20:05

many "nay"sayers who have
time and again "shun"ned
the injustice done
in the name of the nation.


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Asfa Mobin 19 DEC 2019 AT 10:53

The walk for India will never stumble by lathi charge
Once, there was a lathi which took India's charge.


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Asfa Mobin 18 DEC 2019 AT 14:19

the first ones to be trampled
would be a certain army
of bigoted trolls.


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Asfa Mobin 14 DEC 2019 AT 16:49

I have an allergy to socks.
I cannot wear them; however much I want to
warm my numb toes in winters.
But I didn't have this from birth.
It's a surprisingly recent development.

A government has an allergy to 'many'.
It cannot see them, so it touches them;
not by chance, but intentionally.
(Weird for an allergy).
But the country didn't have this from birth.
It's an unsurprisingly recent development.

Those 'many' that earlier warmed the numb toes of a nation,
now surprisingly feel like my useless socks.


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