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Joined 28 August 2016
15 NOV 2020 AT 13:58

For our dusk never had a dawn, never will.


7 APR 2020 AT 13:37

The greatest love story happens in between the sky and the land. Both have only one purpose in their core, to meet the other sooner or later and yet they never meet. The longing is what makes their love so great.


9 SEP 2019 AT 4:24

I hear half-hearted promises of love
As I leaf again and again through those hollows and dells of memories
Half-hoping to feel the warmth of your touch again
And there I find your hand
Half-hidden in the sands of time
Finding its way back
Feeling the cracks on the tip of my fingers



10 JUN 2018 AT 22:37

Sleepless nights
Soulless smile
And a pair of blank eyes

Searching for
Sanity amidst insanity

Searching for
Love amidst the storm

Searching for
Words in a blank space

Searching for
A voice in this silence

Numbness takes over your senses
Yet you feel
Hands reaching out to save you from this darkness
But all you absorb is this darkness



26 MAR 2018 AT 2:35

A certain voidness lingers in the spaces  between your fingers
That melts when I hold your hand


28 FEB 2018 AT 5:14

Ke dard ka bawandar ab saha nahi jaata
Tumse dur ab rahaa nahi jaata
Paas ao ke kaed kar le tumhe apne bazuon me
Laut ayo ke sama le tumhe apne sanso me
Ye ishq ka safar akele kaata nhi jaata
Ke laut ayo
Tumse dur ab rahaa nhi jaata


28 FEB 2018 AT 3:56

Sleepless nights
Dreamless eyes
Unsettling voidness
Flinching soul
Fear long forgotten
As the scars barely show
Trembling hands light up a blunt
One drag and thoughts take a turn
Less painful
Numbing the soul
One drag leads to the other
Making the trance more powerful
You feel the suffocation
You smile of depression
The red eyes close
Still dreamless
The body settles down on the bed
Not the voidness


27 FEB 2018 AT 17:09

You are like the smoke coming out of my cigarette
You fill the void within but disappear into thin air whenever I try to feel your existence...


24 JAN 2018 AT 22:33

Two pretty little angels of God once met in the park. Both were full of the beauty of innocence. One asked the other “Why am I so pale while you are distinctly colored?” The other girl had no idea. Both started noticing the differences between them apart from their skin tone- “Well let’s see, you have big eyes and so do I”, said the white girl. The black girl tweaked her nose and said, “We both have only one bouncy nose and beautiful lips which curves upwards when we are happy and downwards when we are sad.” “True”, said the white girl, “And we both have long lustrous hair and a pair of eyebrows to design our forehead. In fact, we both have two hands and two legs and also blood running in our veins and bones to support our structure and flesh to provide muscles.” “Exactly, and we also got fingers that can tickle” said the colored girl, and started tickling the white girl.
After a hearty session of inspection they both reached a conclusion-“We both are the same, just a different color.” They held hands and started playing. That day they became friends.


24 JAN 2018 AT 19:52

A hopeless romantic he was
Only in his poems


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