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Joined 10 October 2017
18 DEC 2020 AT 3:31

my inner self roaring
loudly because of the
deep wounds it has
been subjected to
over all these years.
Having no one by my
side to share, I often
choose to bleed
silently on my diary.


17 DEC 2020 AT 23:49

by putting an
ointment of
poetry over it.


16 DEC 2020 AT 1:34

your arms before
the demons from my past
come to take me away.


16 DEC 2020 AT 1:15

then ask me these questions :-

1) What is my best
childhood memory
and with whom?

2) Why I'm so afraid of
trusting people?

3) When did I cry for the
last time and why?


15 DEC 2020 AT 18:11

| Enough of the Violence, Now I Will Not Be Silent |

First came the insecurity, then came the ego, and then the fight,
there was no escape from all of this even in the night

I broke down on the floor questioning will the future ever be bright,
for I knew the things between us now are not going right

The bruises on my body screamed that the matter has reached a height,
and there's no tomorrow if I bow down in hopelessness tonight

So, I decided to stand up against this tyranny and come to light,
to make people realise what has been missed by their sight,
in this holy matrimony which always promised to hold us back tight.


15 DEC 2020 AT 17:31

Dear Moon,

You have made me believe
that even the most beautiful
souls out there are enshrouded
by the clouds of self-doubt just
like you hide your captivating
glow behind those clouds on
a full moon night.


15 DEC 2020 AT 17:04

which needs to preserved
in the refrigerator of
continuity and change,
otherwise it would melt away.


15 DEC 2020 AT 14:08

once you get used to their comfort,
it's not easy living without them
in this cold and frigid world where
the chilly winds of pain blows and
shivers people to death.


12 DEC 2020 AT 18:59

/ Charm /

Oh dear, it's been a long long time,
that I haven't hugged you like you're mine

The distance between us is making me rile,
as our memories are in front of me in a file

Anticipating your return doesn't let me sleep at night,
for my heart can't resist to take a long flight

Waiting for the day when I'll get lost in your arms,
because that's where lies the true charm


12 DEC 2020 AT 2:06

like a ring
which never came out
of my finger even
though I tried so hard
to pull it off.


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