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Joined 10 October 2017
16 AUG AT 20:45

consists of the moments when I laughed the most.


14 AUG AT 4:10

little bit of sunlight
accompanied by a
cup of coffee made
with love, by my love.


14 AUG AT 3:02

the deepest emotions
of my younger self who
was subjected to a lot
of brutality and hatred
for no reason, which
eventually made herself
question the goodness
in people and adopt a
pessimistic approach
towards life.


7 AUG AT 5:06

the silent, lonely and half-illuminated
part of my life which only rises up at
night to add beauty to the chaotic
universe in my head.


6 AUG AT 23:58

| Longing For You |

I wish you were there,
my nights now are full of despair

I long for you like never before,
my skin craves for your touch even more

I hope we meet soon dear,
this distance is shattering me to tears.


6 AUG AT 13:22

1) A hobby room where I'll write more poetries and record songs.

2) A long sofa for naps which can accomodate me till my toes.

3) A small balcony decorated with fairy lights and potted plants where I can sit and admire the night sky.


6 AUG AT 0:53

Unsaid Pain

(Poem in caption)


30 JUL AT 5:18

a sharp noise which almost tore apart my eardrums but little did I know that you will gradually become the sweetest melody I've ever heard in my entire life.


29 JUL AT 6:00

how I cough up thoughts
which are stuck in my
throat from a long time.


28 JUL AT 1:17

*When I accidently broke a plate from an expensive dinner set meant only for the guests*


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