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Joined 10 October 2017
Aparajita Shahi 7 AUG AT 5:06

the silent, lonely and half-illuminated
part of my life which only rises up at
night to add beauty to the chaotic
universe in my head.


Aparajita Shahi 6 AUG AT 23:58

| Longing For You |

I wish you were there,
my nights now are full of despair

I long for you like never before,
my skin craves for your touch even more

I hope we meet soon dear,
this distance is shattering me to tears.


Aparajita Shahi 6 AUG AT 13:22

1) A hobby room where I'll write more poetries and record songs.

2) A long sofa for naps which can accomodate me till my toes.

3) A small balcony decorated with fairy lights and potted plants where I can sit and admire the night sky.


Aparajita Shahi 6 AUG AT 0:53

Unsaid Pain

(Poem in caption)


Aparajita Shahi 30 JUL AT 5:18

a sharp noise which almost tore apart my eardrums but little did I know that you will gradually become the sweetest melody I've ever heard in my entire life.


Aparajita Shahi 29 JUL AT 6:00

how I cough up thoughts
which are stuck in my
throat from a long time.


Aparajita Shahi 28 JUL AT 1:17

*When I accidently broke a plate from an expensive dinner set meant only for the guests*


Aparajita Shahi 28 JUL AT 1:06

to understand how to
think reasonably when
a number of emotions
tries to squash our heads
at the same time leading
to pain and confusion.


Aparajita Shahi 27 JUL AT 3:09

Over the years, I have found
a home in you. When the
light of truth was too bright
for my eyes, I ran away and
took shelter in the darkness
of ignorance. I have realised
that lights do guide home
but darkness guides you to
peace, which further diverts
you towards an unknown
part of yourself which you
weren't aware of till now.
Thank you for caressing
and healing my wounds.


Aparajita Shahi 27 JUL AT 2:27

Silence is peace.
Peace in silence.
My soul turned dead
due to violence.
Truth is a weapon.
Lie is a shield.
My heart has been
butchered a thousand
times with betrayal
which can't be seen.


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