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Joined 10 October 2017
Aparajita Shahi 19 APR AT 22:56

1) A girl who is much more than being tall and silent.

2) I may look quiet and uninterested, but that's just my face.

3) Oh yes, I'm also allergic to small talk and fake people.


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Aparajita Shahi 15 APR AT 21:53

You're My Muse

(Poem in Caption)


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Aparajita Shahi 15 APR AT 15:45

You always strive to make up
a perfect blend but there are
days when it tastes dull, bitter
and ruins up your mood.
Still, you never give up on
brewing it until you get an
awesome taste because you
have to fight for a good blend
everytime it doesn't turn up
the way you wanted it to be.


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Aparajita Shahi 14 APR AT 1:48

by hiding the things which bother,
unaware that it damages me even more
as my wounds start becoming sore.


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Aparajita Shahi 12 APR AT 14:51

| Caged |

I smile
but happiness is away
about a thousand miles.
My soul feels caged
inside my body,
as I can't be myself
in front of anybody.
I always feel like
running towards an
unknown location,
where I could be free
from any domination.


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Aparajita Shahi 12 APR AT 11:14

like several coloured spades,
don't take me for granted,
I'll bury you in the way
you never wanted.


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Aparajita Shahi 12 APR AT 2:04

are the most heartfelt ones,
which are composed with
true and delicate feelings as
each and every word of it is
woven with a lot of dedication.


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Aparajita Shahi 12 APR AT 0:55

words of sorrows which
glow under the moonlight
like shooting stars;
broken yet beautiful.


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Aparajita Shahi 11 APR AT 21:57

आँखों से दुखः छुपाये नहीं जाते,

ये दुनिया बड़ी ज़ालिम है दोस्तों,

अपनी दास्तां हर किसी को

सुनाये नहीं जाते |


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Aparajita Shahi 11 APR AT 18:52

we held each other's hands
and made big promises, but
now we sit alone miles apart
from each other as our hearts
slowly gets immersed in the
ocean of regrets.


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