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Joined 16 December 2017
Anwesha Anand 9 JUN AT 10:19

A Heartbreaking Breakup

The last Goodbye with an
'I Love You'


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Anwesha Anand 26 MAY AT 12:54

There is a difference between-

Crying without reason
Pretending to Cry without reason


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Anwesha Anand 15 MAY AT 1:19

Mein duniya se Bach kr unke pass chali gaii,
Mujhe Kya pata tha, khatra mujhe duniya walon se nhi balki unse h!!!!!


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Anwesha Anand 2 MAY AT 1:52

"Please do cut d call after I sleep." He said
"Ok!" She lied.

Some moments later,

She was smiling at d cute face that was resting before her eyes.
She couldn't help but share kisses through the cam, which he was unable to see,

.....but feel it.


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Anwesha Anand 19 APR AT 19:47

.........liking someone is really that simple.
As long as one wants to do something, the other would accompany them.


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Anwesha Anand 4 APR AT 9:21

"I'm going to be d mother of ur child!" She said.

"Wait, what!!!😨😨. How's that even possible??? We have never got that close. I mean we never had sex!!!" He exclaimed.

"Finally I made u to reply to my msgs😉."

When couples fight,
He says he is not going to talk to her anymore😒😒
She knows the perfect way to make him talk to her again😎😎......


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Anwesha Anand 26 MAR AT 20:10

The Precious Shits.....


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Anwesha Anand 14 MAR AT 2:47

"What if someday I will be with another girl???"
He asked.

"Then I will leave you.....
Not because you love her,
But because I Love You....."
She replied.


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Anwesha Anand 12 MAR AT 12:06

"Why do you sacrifice so much for me???"
She asked.

"Why do you love me so much???"
He replied.


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Anwesha Anand 9 MAR AT 0:02

When they have no topic left to talk on about,
They simply just have a video call,
spend all d time making weird faces at each other......


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