Ankitha Priyadasny







All stories you hear are captured through one lens.
The other view remains suspicious always.


17 NOV AT 13:01

If you are still smiling at the sunshine,
Remember you have also given darkness to someone behind.
Move on and brighten up their shades too.


16 NOV AT 10:17

Let your silence scream louder to destructive criticism,
And silently look to learn from constructive criticism.


15 NOV AT 17:04

You cannot force someone to love you the way you love them!!
Give liberally and wait for your turn.. 
LOVE travels Circularly... Hardly reflects back!!

LOVE travels in circles

21 DEC 2016 AT 22:43

Unsaid feelings...
Hide behind smart walls... 

Eyes no longer express... 
WhatsApp status is the key to unlock all... 

Today's Common Misery!!

Today's Misery

13 OCT 2016 AT 23:23

Call disconnected read the Skype window.

She rechecks WhatsApp for the 28th time in last 20 minutes.The tick mark hadn't turned blue.

She calls again.No answer.

She walks upto the window and back.Another call that went unanswered.

She types 'Wish I had wings to fly to you, to understand what went wrong.(enter) An immediate double tick in black.

Few seconds & again her fingers scroll, 'Or wait, shall I wish to be in the wind you puff out so I can understand your mind better'.

After a long wait of 30 seconds... 
An enter preceeded by, 'Wishes never get fulfilled hence called wishes.Waiting to here from YOU'...

An hour later...

'Tuk tuk', knocked her WhatsApp...
With eyes blurred with tears she read,  'Hey Idiot!  Was driving..  Temme wassup ;-) '

Don't Complicate...

11 OCT 2016 AT 23:06