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Anjula Bhadauria (💐 अंjula SINGH भdauria 💐)

📚Published Author and Editor of 8 Books (Available on: Amazon, Flipkart, Shopclues, etc) 🎨 Exhibited Artist (Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi ; General Zorawar Singh Auditorium, Jammu) 📝 Published Poet (Amar Ujala, Progya, Swarnima, MCTE Newsletter, etc) 👩🏻‍🏫 Principal (ARPS) 👩🏻‍🎓 Educationist 👩🏻‍💻 Web Designer and Advanced Web Developer 💎 Advanced Pranic Healer 🏡 Certified Feng Shui Expert 👰Wedded to Olive green 😊I love reading, writing, painting, dancing n playing outdoor sports (especially cricket n basketball)... 😊I prefer using My Artwork as the background image for my Quotes... ☺️Written 8 EDUCATIONAL BOOKS: search: Anjula Singh OR ☺️MY PAINTINGS & ARTWORK at: 💐My writings n paintings reflect what I am or what I have been through.... "ठहरती नहीं ज़िन्दगी, काफ़िला बढ़ा चलता है, मिल ही जातें हैं मुसाफिर, कारवाँ बना चलता है।" - अंjula SINGH भdauria

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It was my sincerest childhood dream, 
to be the part of Women cricket team, 
              Playing few overs indeed was the best refresher, 
              In my board exams too I indulged with pleasure, 
The women team selection was in GreenPark, 
But that day I could not find anything till dark, 
             In my marriage all my brothers could say, 
             Our team's best all-rounder is going away,
May be destiny had something else in store, 
Yet I still enjoy hitting few to let adrenaline sore, 
              I was so obsessed with the play of India vs Pak
              Wrote 'I LOVE INDIA' with my blood flowing dark, 
Till this date I am diehard fan of cricket game, 
It swells my heart with pride to see their fame, 
              More so when the Women are in the scene, 
             All I want to do is cheer, clap and scream, 
I was lucky to witness how Women cricket grew, 
For my WomenWC team my heart will bleed blue.

#YQbaba #WomenWC #bleedblue Sunil Singh Choudhary Thanks for nominating me and taking me down the memory late... Proud of Indian Women cricket team that rose against all odds💖

25 JUN AT 22:35

Music enriches mind, body and soul, 
Listen to 🎶 and stay focused on goal, 
Power of music is powerful than sword, 
Even nature plays music created by lord. 
Not necessarily to find music in any song
It even resides within you just play along.

#YQbaba #music My oil painting 🎨 in background Khushi shah thanks for nominating

21 JUN AT 23:24

फोन जो तेरा गड़बड़ाये, 
या नेटवर्क ना चल पाये, 
तो आजा प्यारे पास हमारे, 
होटस्पॉट ऑन कराए, 
होटस्पॉट ऑन कराए|

सुन-सुन-सुन अरे बेटा सुन, 
इस होटस्पॉट में बड़े-बड़े गुन, 
सुन-सुन-सुन अरे बेटा सुन, 
इस होटस्पॉट में बड़े-बड़े गुन, 
लाख दुखों की एक दवा है, 
क्यों ना आजमाए, 
काहे घबराए, इंटरनेट चलाए|

फोन जो तेरा गड़बड़ाये...

#YQbaba #YQdidi #funnylyrics प्यासा 🎦 (1957) Sung by Mohd. Rafi (सर जो तेरा चकराए...) Rishikesh Mahanta Abhijeet Garai thanks for nominating me and Harsh Snehanshu thanks for this interesting challenge

13 JUN AT 18:56

मुकद्दस हो गई है खूबसूरत शाम ये साकी|
के नज़रों के पैमाने से तूने मुझको पिला दी है||

#YQbaba #YQdidi #khubsurat Zakia Rizvi Self-clicked Pic (A memoir from a beautiful evening 🌃 in Paris on a cruise) Madhur Garg especially as u suggested 😊

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