Anjali Kumari 聽 (Ilajna 馃挒)
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Joined 14 July 2017
Anjali Kumari 23 DEC 2019 AT 22:02

You reach home,
happy and exhausted,
Happy since you relived your passion
Exhausted because you learnt something new
and want to bid adieu to the day and enter the ever charming night
with a big smile on your face.


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Anjali Kumari 10 DEC 2019 AT 18:13

Fire and Ice,
You fire, burnt, I ice, freezed
but WE created a beautiful beginning
droplets of Water
You cooked, I preserved
You helped to live, I helped to Survive
You like short term goals, I represented LIC,
both opposites created huge opportunities,

That's how we met, that's how we are like
that's how we lived, that's how everyone survived


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Anjali Kumari 10 DEC 2019 AT 6:04

Love is best
when secretly you pray
for their happiness
just to smile their smiles


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Anjali Kumari 9 DEC 2019 AT 23:36

I have nothing
to hide but
don't invade my Privacy


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Anjali Kumari 30 JUN 2019 AT 16:13

Hello everyone, this is Ilajna from Mumbai, the city of dreams. Today, 30.06.2019, Sunday, we are literally celebrating Rainy Day for the past three days, the weather is changing and so are our clothes聽....


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Anjali Kumari 23 JUN 2019 AT 22:32

"Y" ou are my " X",
we met at "O"rigin,
"Z" our daughter,
Our home "Space",
We decorated it with "3D",
they call it "Maths",
I call it "Universe"


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Anjali Kumari 9 JUN 2019 AT 23:11

I lingered in the dark sky
Searching for you
In the hidden closet of clouds
In the silver lining of moon's light
In the stars behind the moon
Found you, hidden as usual
There you were hiding yourself
From me, from the entire world
You are Me my dreams
Without you life is not worth living
I have seen many without you
Without purpose, just breathing
I want to live with you My dream
I want to accomplish you
Today you are my dream
Tomorrow you will be mine
and I shall again dare to dream
A new purpose a new beginning


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Anjali Kumari 9 JUN 2019 AT 22:50

I heard her
her screams her howl
She died
An infant.


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Anjali Kumari 25 MAR 2019 AT 0:14

"Kindly Please Bear With Us"
Lines ring a bell

Back the memory lane,
A long queue,

At the end,
In the scorching Sun,

My innocent questions,
Dad's hopeful answers,

Yes I remember,
It was the day of my admission,

Then a hopeful father with his innocent son,
Today a Millonaire with a Doctor.

"Kindly Please Bear With Us"
Lines ring a bell.


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Anjali Kumari 9 DEC 2018 AT 15:56

I am stuck, stuck in everything I do. I am reliving my past. It has been my favorite pass time for a few months now. Depression is new ME. It makes me feel helpless and trapped in a situation. The best part, I get to make excuses for my wrong choices and decisions. It helps me escape the harsh reality, the truth.

Moreover, I enjoy blame games. For a moment it gives me solace, I don't have to carry the responsibility of my own life, my shoulders feel light, then a thought , " Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it ", brings me back to present, keeps me alive and forces me to rethink about my life.

Forgot to mention, got married few months back.


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