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A humble Tigress
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A humble Tigress
Joined 14 July 2017
Anjali Kumari 30 JUL AT 9:36

I would have romanced
dusk like never before.


Anjali Kumari 5 JUL AT 19:32

Dear Kanha,

Accept me as
your disciple,
let me be
your Arjuna.

Yours sincerely


Anjali Kumari 3 JUL AT 19:41

Breath gives us life.
Death paves our way
back to the world of unknowns.
What remains ?

Our memories and
our endeavours to be the best.

RIP Saroj Khan


Anjali Kumari 20 JUN AT 19:08




Anjali Kumari 19 JUN AT 23:01

I see my bestie with a mañ


Anjali Kumari 18 JUN AT 19:36

the day's tiredness and anxiety.


Anjali Kumari 17 JUN AT 19:52


you won't live,
you will only survive.


Anjali Kumari 16 JUN AT 23:57



Anjali Kumari 14 JUN AT 8:30

That unfaithful day
flowers were painted red.
Her first night took her last breath.
Twenty hrs, five men were blamed to turn a wedding into a robbery and then into a funeral.


Anjali Kumari 14 JUN AT 8:04



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