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Joined 4 August 2017
Anisha Naskar 18 MAR AT 15:11

Shower me with the finest wine, let these aches go oblivion. Jf a scattered heart is my reality now, then let me find my solace in the champagne bottle...


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Anisha Naskar 16 MAR AT 22:34

We are the slaves of sadness and survivors of love, just breathing for the little hope which will be given by our futures. This life is a little big canvas to us where our pains cry in the different shades of same colour...


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Anisha Naskar 6 MAR AT 13:47

Night is young, whisky rolls through the semi wet lips of yours, are u love darling or my fantasy in flesh. Bite my skin now or kiss my mind
ever so delicately...

I will toast a drink in future for sake of tonight...


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Anisha Naskar 22 FEB AT 14:00

I have angle wings in my heart and devil claws in my eyes, darling I'm a survivor!


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Anisha Naskar 12 FEB AT 13:05

Scars are beautiful,
They remind you the wars you have survived...


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Anisha Naskar 17 JAN AT 11:53

তখন অক্ষরগুলো পথ হারায় ঐ ঢাকুরিয়া আর কফি হাউসের মাঝে, আর আমার চেনা কলকাতা ছুঁয়ে চলে যায় আচেন চায়ের ভাঁড়ে।


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Anisha Naskar 17 JAN AT 8:40

You are like fire on temptation and I'm ice holding the secrets of 7 oceans. One little brush of yourer finger I kiss into endless clouds, and every cold touch of mine brings your wildness into peace...


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Anisha Naskar 9 JAN AT 21:26

Perfect scars made of bones,
when we couldn't bear the pain we made a heart wrenching tune, we look at stars, sky and the illumination which are larger than our lives, we still wait for the stranger who will relate to us, who will take us back to home...


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Anisha Naskar 31 DEC 2018 AT 1:37

Maybe no paper of examination can decide your future but it does describe your present and with the pillars of this moment, tomorrow will stand...


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Anisha Naskar 29 DEC 2018 AT 17:29

Have you heard about the harsh tattoos of life, She drinks the poison everyday like it's her pride.

She doesn't know the garden of rose,
she felt the thorns beneath her feet.. it's snow soft and cold...


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