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Joined 4 August 2017
Anisha Naskar 22 MAY AT 1:33

Do you remember the dawn of time as we walked hand in hand through the horizon line when the sun was kissing it's last rays? Do u remember that we smelled the destruction together as the earth was folding itself into ashes and that moment u whispered those immortal lyrics through my ears and I lived all of your songs in my veins and do you know since then I have been waiting for the eternity just to taste the silver from the edge your lips again...


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Anisha Naskar 7 MAY AT 21:32

Weakness is your mind made filter but the choice will alway be yours...


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Anisha Naskar 4 MAY AT 13:39

Be my galaxy wrapped around me and I will blossom the stars from it...


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Anisha Naskar 14 APR AT 17:00

He kisses through my skin while knotting presence of him in every cell of my body, he notes down every touch of mine deep down of his existence, he loves so fiercely that all those broken pieces start to find their ways back to my heart. He creases his fingers through every scar I have and reaches down to my bone deep wounds. His ever so calm eyes seek my permission and without any hesitation I go naked in front of him and like always he turns them in a beautiful melody and makes a forever out of it...


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Anisha Naskar 14 APR AT 2:21

Her silence spoke different melodies to him, he found peace of deep waters. She starts to feel every heart beat of rains in him till their deep wounds fell so in love with each other...


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Anisha Naskar 30 MAR AT 23:36

His touch is so fantasy and smile is the liquid jealousy...


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Anisha Naskar 24 MAR AT 0:57

When the bitches cover all their scars with the finest silks, that's call elegance pretty boy!


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Anisha Naskar 18 MAR AT 15:11

Shower me with the finest wine, let these aches go oblivion. Jf a scattered heart is my reality now, then let me find my solace in the champagne bottle...


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Anisha Naskar 16 MAR AT 22:34

We are the slaves of sadness and survivors of love, just breathing for the little hope which will be given by our futures. This life is a little big canvas to us where our pains cry in the different shades of same colour...


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Anisha Naskar 6 MAR AT 13:47

Night is young, whisky rolls through the semi wet lips of yours, are u love darling or my fantasy in flesh. Bite my skin now or kiss my mind
ever so delicately...

I will toast a drink in future for sake of tonight...


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