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Andy Omalley YESTERDAY AT 13:14

The journey


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Andy Omalley 21 MAY AT 0:32

It doesnt matter how educated I am
Nor does it matter what university I went to
Or how driven I am

I will never understand the reason my tummy churns


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Andy Omalley 17 MAY AT 0:01

He said to me as the guilt engulfed me
You are weak and worthless
His voice was harsh like nails across my back
Leaving me in agonising discomfort
He told me again
You are weak and worthless
Am I? Am I? My mind seems to win
And my empathy with the guilt slowly drives my emotions
And a lonely tear
Followed by another and another
Fall down my blush cheek
Is it an unwanted realisation?
Or a muddled rationalisation?
That I feel I'm missing something
Or actually missed something
I'm here
I was there
And yet i have this umbrella of torment
Suffocating my every thought
Like i am the bad party
Like I am the lone survivor
In a Barren wilderness
Alone and wounded
Poisoned by .......myself
I'm doing this to myself
Ever wondered what it feels like to be the devil and angel?
I'm just that I'm a good person
But I keep telling myself I'm not
And worst believing it!
I'm more than a person
I'm a panic room
Just trying to escape me


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Andy Omalley 16 MAY AT 2:05

Lost looks

And Stone faced glare

Person Present

But not really there

Loosing sand

Life's drained away

What was once beautiful

No longer stays

Quiet, still, lost emotion

Painful existing in a declining slow motion

I watch from under guilts heavy blanket

As perceptions left no chance to thank it

And in the sun you gaze vacantly

I wonder what your thinking constantly

And hope that you can just remember my face

As a slowly a smile comes across your face


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Andy Omalley 12 MAY AT 23:13

Pick me up
Darling, when I'm feeling down.
And as the sun comes up in the morning
We're the only ones around.
I say
Pick me up
Darling, let me know how you feel
Is our love a one night thing
A passing fling
Or love that's real?
And I want to tell something that might scare you away
You can tell me that it's over but you wont take that night away
And I want to tell you something that Ive thought for quite a while
That every time we kiss
It's like I've tattoo on a smile.
And even if it's over I play that night on repeat
Because that's what I felt for you when you knocked me off my feet.


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Andy Omalley 12 MAY AT 0:11

Dexter and cooper they were brothers
They laughed and played for hour
And every now and then you'd hear them them say,
Yes you are my best friend,
Yes you are my brother.
I'll stick to you like glue because really there's no other.
So hold out your hands place them in mine
And let's make a promise that will last a lifetime
We will be strong!
We will be brave!
Together always! Brother's remain.
Best friends forever but family for life.
Just know I love you even if we do fight
Yes you are my best friend,
You are my brother.
I stick to you like glue to be there for each other
I've got your back bro and I hope you have mine
A childhood together
Is the best you can find.


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Andy Omalley 10 MAY AT 0:12

It's a sad day
As death is real
Why is death so normal?
Like the pain which we feel
I lost something close to me and my family
Leaving an emptiness which seems like a fantasy
A fraction of reality as my world spins out of sync
Life is here one moment.................. and gone in a blink.
A stone in water creates huge ripples
which grow bigger and bigger till and the ripples triples.
Which then fade out slowly and disappear
It's alot like his life, but the small stone is real
And now he's passed the ripples still grow
what happens next well we all know
Goodbyes are hard
And it's harder to see someone go.
Is this really the end?
Nobody knows
But love for that life shows and it glows
Bright like the star we say you are
Shining brightly from afar
Keeping watch as our family grows
Like the ripples you created, when part of our home.
I can honestly say you have left a listing impression
Taught us love is valuable lesson
And as the hymn suggests "all creatures great and small"
"Arlo" you were the smallest one of us all
And although this world was a short stay for you
Loving you little dragon was so easy to do.


Andy Omalley 9 MAY AT 12:36

Stop saying I love you as I know it's not true.
My heart's already broke but she doesn't have a clue.
I gave my everything, gave all that I am
Maybe just maybe it's all part of god's plan.


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Andy Omalley 8 MAY AT 17:19

Squeeze in tight
Till your knuckles turn white
And if you get stuck
You'll be stuck all night.
A wriggle
A jiggle
Use all of your might
It's a bumpy ride
When you squeeze in tight.
Dive in head first
Use your arms to maneuver
Pull yourself in with the hose of the hoover
Get the best seat don't be a loser
Squeeze in tight and be a backseat groover.
I'm a man of my word
And my word is my bond
With a push and a prod
To the back of beyond
You'll be there safe and sound
All snug in a squeeze
Rolled up in a ball
With your chin on your knees.
Now Squeeze in tight
Don't waste any rhyme
And make sure that you opt to drive new time.


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Andy Omalley 6 MAY AT 22:30

Is it real??
Or is it just a dream
Am I the paper cut to your blood stream?
Am I the noose around my own neck?
Clenched fists!
I'm the slave of unkept unmade
Tortured, into the flame I'm led.
Why? is the only word I find
A question where the answers hide.
Angry and Aggressive
Assertive and annulled
Like the soiled wank cloth
Nothing but a stale fragment of future failure
Yet to happen
Yet to exist
I feel worthless
Nay I feel worth but only as a vessel for pain
A morbed afterthought?
A forgotten line?
A lazy stanza?
A masterpiece which clearly wasn't mastered
I am the 'no' end product
I am the product of a broken manuscript
The consequence of a dammed creation
The bastard son of Eve?
The rogue spawn of Adam?
Send me to hell and It will surely suffer more than me
Send me to heaven and it's certain blasphemy
I am a bomb
a weak bomb
Which isn't fragile and unable to be moved
Forget my innocence
Forgive my ignorance
Allow me to introduce myself
I am ........


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