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Amruta S.Patil 30 DEC 2018 AT 0:07

sometimes it's a defense...
Sometimes finding excuses to stay...
Sometimes its A self-justification...
Sometimes it's a reason for not doing well...
Sometimes it's reason to love...

- The unknown life

Every potential event turns out to be a way to find rishtaas for me.

How do I make Zeus understand that I'm not gonna waste my life away over desires of flesh and expectations of my relatives? I'm summoned to inspire and be your muse.

Comment away excuses I can use on Zeus and my potential suitors.

And #Collab on this post. Tell me what kind of excuses you use or have seen other people use? What do excuses mean to you?

#ExcuseMe #YourQuoteAndMine
Collaborating with YQ Muse

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