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Joined 3 September 2020
22 OCT AT 11:07

I notice everything
still I don't react...

It doesn't mean I'm weak...
It's because
it is useless
to explain them..!!!


19 OCT AT 8:59

No more tears...

I didn't lose you,
You lost me...!!


5 OCT AT 16:44

We say love isn't
always perfect.

It's not a fairy-tale or a storybook.
It doesn't come so easily.
Love is overcoming obstacles,
facing challenges,
fighting to be with each other,
holding on and never letting go.

It is a short word which is easy to spell,
difficult ro define and impossible
to live without....❀


2 OCT AT 20:20

Relationship makes both the partner
feel safe and secure;
If she doesn't feel so,
isn't that your fault too...??!!


30 SEP AT 21:11

Sometimes, when the people
you love hurt the most,
it's better to stay quiet...
because if your love wasn't enough,
do you think
the words will matter...??!!


26 SEP AT 21:15

Never regret anything
because at one time,
it was exactly
what you needed...!!


25 SEP AT 9:51


I want to learn the lyrics of his life,
memorize each line,
so I can sing
the most beautiful love song,
each note in tune
with our minds...❀


22 SEP AT 17:37

No third person
can break our bond,
because our bond
is more
stronger than their
stupid tactics...❀


15 SEP AT 15:19

People say their partners
as their "better half"

But for me, you are
my "better one"
Because in you,
I see myself....!!!❣


11 SEP AT 19:23

When your intentions are pure,
you don't lose anyone,
they lose you...!!!


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