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Joined 22 May 2017
22 JUL 2017 AT 22:06

Hello storytellers,

I'm here with a request. I ask you all to please avoid spamming.
Tag #YQtales to your microfictions, series, one shots/short stories alone.
Going through entries I saw tales so less under the hashtag compared to poems and quotes.
Use #YoPoWriMo for poems.
Hashtags could direct your work the right way. Use them wisely.

Thank you!


22 MAY 2017 AT 15:41

Hello Writers​/Storytellers,
So, many of you have been attempting short stories and micro fiction on our app. Unfortunately, many of them are scattered and go undiscovered. We have come up with this page to showcase well written stories from our app.
Tag your stories henceforth with #YQtales for us to discover. Yes, you can tag your old posts as well.
Start spinning tales already!
Happy storytelling. :)


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