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Better to pen it down, rather than explaining.
Joined 6 March 2018

Better to pen it down, rather than explaining.
Joined 6 March 2018
Yashica Priya 21 JUN AT 9:32

He is rude at times. It's okay.
He shouts at me. It's okay.
He never says "YES" so easily. It's okay.
We have fought a lot. It's okay.
We hardly spend time together. It's okay.
He loves me like nobody.
He has given me the best smiles.
He is my good luck so far.
I admire every bit about him.
He is my happy tears.

Happy Father's Day.

Wish him. Bless him.
'Coz, there is no soul like him.


Yashica Priya 14 JUN AT 18:24

Dear Sushant,

This isn't the age. You deserve
to live more; a long way.
You strived hard to become
successful, but gone so soon.
Your charming smile
will be missed.

Rest in Peace.

Behind every smile,
there is an unsaid pain.


Yashica Priya 14 JUN AT 11:09

A drop of water in the ocean doesn't make any identity. But, a drop on the rose petal is admired and photographed.

Life is not always about where you are.
It is about where you belong to.

Be where your existence is unique.


Yashica Priya 9 JUN AT 11:09

If you do what you love, it makes you happy. But sometimes if situation makes you do what you never wanted to do, it takes you to a place that you've never dreamt of. At that moment life will be worth living for. Make the best of what comes on your way.


Yashica Priya 4 JUN AT 11:24

"Dear Humans,
Mum was hungry. She needed food for me to survive and grow. You never know her happiness when she saw the pineapple. She blessed you before taking it inside. She felt relaxed a minute before having it chewed. It was a wild vibration I felt. Mum was screaming in agony. I couldn't figure out what. She tried to survive. After all, she gave up. What was our mistake? You easily destroyed love.
~ The Baby Elephant."

Offering food is an act of godliness. It is misused in the name of hate. RIP Humanity.


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Yashica Priya 17 MAY AT 17:00

No matter how much stones the world throws at you, there's one person who will rub your hair, heal the hurt, safeguard you inside their palm, put your broken pieces back together, and look into your eyes and say, "It's okay".


Yashica Priya 15 MAY AT 10:56

If you have a hand to hold on, share with them how your day was, get to taste that hot rice with tasty curry, and one person to serve you food and sit beside till you finish, you win this life. Because at the end, all that will matter is Family.


Yashica Priya 10 MAY AT 11:45

4 in a family.
3 pieces of cake.
"I don't like cakes", lied the mother.


Yashica Priya 21 APR AT 11:08

There is no greater blessing than someone walking away from you. You might regret the moment now, but it turns out to be one of the best transformations after a while. They take their way to cleanse your life. Always cherish their absence and respect their decision.


Yashica Priya 20 APR AT 10:08

Lack of patience is the only reason why few miracles go unseen.
Work hard, perform, and wait.
Great things take time.



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