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9 SEP AT 10:57

You Saw All My Flaws,
Yet Called Me Beautiful.πŸ’•


8 SEP AT 16:08

I am not me.....


8 SEP AT 15:57

We love each other
more than anyone
But less than Allah (SWT)
We left each other
saying It's haram
Knowing it's haram
We stopped our talks
we are waiting for Allah
To bring us together in
His way The Halal way.... .

I never knew waiting can be beautiful when done for somone we love..


2 MAY AT 22:47

Finally πŸ€£πŸ˜›
Feeling liberated 😎
Alhamdulillah 😁
I had a plan to get freedom
But ALLAH (S.W.T) HAD his plansπŸ˜€


28 APR AT 10:04

Dear Sister:

When you mean to me is more than I can express.
You are my lovely sister

When we first met
we had no clue
What was getting ready to happen
God always had a plan.

He was making us for each other
To share life's smiles and tears

It is now Iam having a
lovely sister of my life that is you πŸ‘Έ..SADAF..πŸ§•

I think there is something surprising about you
That fascinated me towards you


28 APR AT 9:55

I have been searching for N

Someone F
with whom I can be like me O
Someone U
to whom I need not explain N
Someone D
to share and care for
to prioritize me #404;:Δ˜Ε”Ε˜Γ˜Ε•
Someone \_(β€’β€’)_/
to lead me in righteous path


24 APR AT 11:13


2 APR AT 10:12

Best people are those who love me and be on my side always.. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹


2 APR AT 10:07

Har roj ek sunday honeka mera dua aaj khubul hogay...... Dinbar sona khana Wapp karna YQ dekhna bas yehi kaam hi didi


2 APR AT 8:29

Verrrryyyyyy easy to misunderstand


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