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word lighting 2 HOURS AGO

'Countdown of happy days'

Sadness is not permanent.
It comes for a while to make you turbulent.
You only have to believe,
That good days are on the way.
And after the night, you'll surely see the day.
You have to collect some little causes of smile.
You have to smile, even for a while,
But you have to smile.
And that's how you will enjoy
The 'countdown' of happy days.
And that's how you will
Stay strong till the happiness arrives!
A Happiness that stays!


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word lighting 6 HOURS AGO

Love those hard,
Who love you hard,
On the days you think you are hard to love!


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word lighting 22 HOURS AGO

'It's not easy'

It's not 'easy' to deal
with the things, that hurt...
Some things are not 'easy' to revert.
It's not 'easy' to stay positive,
When things are going averse to you.
It's not 'easy' to face the world boldly,
After your failure.
It's not 'easy' to stand alone,
When everyone discard you in the dark.
It's not 'easy' to spread light,
When you've lost your spark.
But you have to make is easy,
By believe in yourself,
By believing in others,
And, by believing in almighty.


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word lighting YESTERDAY AT 21:01

ढहते हुए देखा है, उन सपनों को भी,
जिनके लिए हम ख़ुद ढह गए!


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word lighting YESTERDAY AT 20:26


It's the 'anniversary'
Of your broken promise.
The things, you said,
To make me smile
Were the things,
That made my heart fragile.
Even more..
Sometimes I feel a little insecure
And I don't want to endeavour
To start to believe in others.
Thanks to you,
For make me believe,
That believing in others,
Is the stupidest thing sometimes.


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word lighting 19 APR AT 15:26

"I will be here, to hear you."


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word lighting 18 APR AT 21:57

We all need a ray of sunshine in order to bloom.
And Sometimes we find that ray in a human!


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word lighting 18 APR AT 20:55

'Getting Over'

We're all busy in 'getting over'
from the things we can't discuss.
And sometimes those things try to deduct us.
Like anxiety or depression.
These are the life's critical session.
In this time, Our melancholy seems prime.
That's why,
We all want someone, Who can raise us high.
We all want someone, Who can teach us to touch the sky.
Yes! We all need someone for trying
To get over from the things we can't share to anyone.
Because at times without that someone, we're none!"🖤

-Vart¡ka mishra


word lighting 17 APR AT 22:12


In the 'absence' of kindness,
This world would be a mess.
Because kindness will demonstrate our humanity.
And it will enhance the amount of serenity.
In this loud world.


word lighting 17 APR AT 21:45

'Unstable Time'

Time runs fast,
And there's no meaning,
In thinking about past.
Because some things are
not in our hand.
And Time will glide like the sand
we can't fix ourselves,
where we stand..
We have to walk with the unstable time
And we have to take risk,
if we want to cilmb..
The mountain of life.
Even if we're surrounded by heap of strife.


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