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word lighting 19 JUN AT 14:45

There is a beauty in being unalike.
We just have to be brave enough to choose that beauty.


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word lighting 11 JUN AT 11:04

And like all those small birds.
We're free.
Free to give love.
Free to be kind.
Free to fly.
Free to touch the sky!


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word lighting 9 JUN AT 21:31

I will be here, to hear you!

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word lighting 6 JUN AT 11:01

'Celestial Beauty'

The glory of dusk and dawn.
And evening view which seems a little fawn.
Seven colous of rainbow.
And that gentle falling of hoary snow.
The tiny shimmering stars in broad sky.
And that beautiful moon which seems so high.
This celestial Beauty gives so much jubilation to eye.
And those asterism increases the beauty of that sky.


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word lighting 3 JUN AT 11:38

And if your heart is pure,
You'll look beautiful for sure!


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word lighting 23 MAY AT 20:24

How well you treat yourself,
says how will you treat others.


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word lighting 22 MAY AT 22:16


Even if they make you feel unloved, I know, that you're wise enough to love yourself completely. Even if they make you feel worthless, I know that you'll see your worth. Even if they don't trust you, I know you'll keep faith in yourself forever. Even if they don't like to be with you, I know that you'll relish your isolation. Even if they don't love you, I know you'll love them, without conditions, because that's how your heart is made of. Even if they don't believe in you, I believe in you. And I believe that you'll start believing yourself one day.


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word lighting 19 MAY AT 20:03

You know what differentiate you from others?
Your Heart.
Because it has undying love to give.
Undying hope to live.


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word lighting 18 MAY AT 22:41

But you are beautiful and vibrant as an art.
Because you carry so much loveliness in your heart!


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word lighting 11 MAY AT 11:47

Positivity has the efficiency to make you.
And negativity has the efficiency to break you.
Now it is your choice, with which thought you wanna face this world!


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