Vijaya Niraula   (अनुकृति( vijaya))
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Joined 4 October 2017
Vijaya Niraula 12 JUL AT 22:40

It was so strange when the car couldn't take my life away even after being hit so hard.

It wasn't my luck.

I remember ,It was the blessing of that beggar instead whom I once helped who whispered, "May you live long!"


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Vijaya Niraula 25 JUN AT 8:27

I lied when I said I love you back,
I just wanted someone to love me.
But when I fell in love with the way you loved me.
I got to know that you lied about loving me that time.
And now that we both love eachother,
I know we are made for each other,
by the way we believed in each other's lies without a second thought.


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Vijaya Niraula 21 JUN AT 19:16


World Music Day❤🙏🏻🎼🎵🎶 #worldmusicday #music #vijayaniraula #musicquotes

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Vijaya Niraula 27 MAY AT 20:44

Now my eyes don't rain anymore,
for clouds in them have vanished.
(In caption)


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Vijaya Niraula 22 MAY AT 10:47

He selects the dress that suits me,
I still help him in cooking.
Miles away, we are still close.
Once a best friend now he's my everything


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Vijaya Niraula 18 MAY AT 18:04

I'm not the one
you fall in love with
in first sight.
But surely,
I'm the one
who can make you stay
even after many fights.


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Vijaya Niraula 18 MAY AT 17:50

"Long distance doesn't works ,let's get apart"
He said after 3months of relationship with her.

"Neither does short distance,when you're with a wrong person ."she sobbed.


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Vijaya Niraula 2 MAY AT 11:55

Maybe people don't deserve a second chance.
But here we are giving eachother chances everyday
and not regretting it.
Because it's the only reason we're together despite of our dissimilarities.


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Vijaya Niraula 29 APR AT 10:11

He left his mom at old aged home,
After many years ,his son did the same for him.
Afterall it was in their genes.


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Vijaya Niraula 29 APR AT 10:08

"You know what made me very happy today?"
"When that hot girl sat beside you in the bus, you didn't even look at her."


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