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Joined 4 October 2017
Vijaya Niraula 25 SEP AT 14:40

"I failed my entrance exam. I can't do anything in life." He sighed.

The wind blew in from the window and the guitar nearby fell out loud.

That's when music became his escape zone and later career as well.


Vijaya Niraula 14 SEP AT 20:03

"It's the same way you
touch mom,daddy."


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Vijaya Niraula 14 SEP AT 19:14

Kaun kehta hain ki,
duriyan achhi nahi hoti
Bada haseen mauka deti hain,
kisi ke khayalo me aane ka..


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Vijaya Niraula 11 SEP AT 5:02

Some people come to you
in your happiness to celebrate.

Some people come to you in you're pain to give you sympathy.

But there are people who come everytime to make you feel better,

even when you have nothing to share,
neither sadness nor happiness,
just your company.

They are the ones who
truly deserve to be in life.


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Vijaya Niraula 1 SEP AT 19:36

late night,
we stopped by the woods due
to puncture of my car's tyre.

Suddenly the driver screamed.

Saw him lying on the grass with his eyes open.

His eyes were reflecting a white shadow but there wasn't any.


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Vijaya Niraula 6 AUG AT 18:47

I forget that you read all
of my poetries but can't
read in between the lines.


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Vijaya Niraula 6 AUG AT 18:02

My little brother never leaves me alone.

It's not love that keeps us together.

But the toy that I forgot to bury with him.


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Vijaya Niraula 12 JUL AT 22:40

It was so strange when the car couldn't take my life away even after being hit so hard.

It wasn't my luck.

I remember ,It was the blessing of that beggar instead whom I once helped who whispered, "May you live long!"


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Vijaya Niraula 25 JUN AT 8:27

I lied when I said I love you back,
I just wanted someone to love me.
But when I fell in love with the way you loved me.
I got to know that you lied about loving me that time.
And now that we both love eachother,
I know we are made for each other,
by the way we believed in each other's lies without a second thought.


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Vijaya Niraula 21 JUN AT 19:16


World Music Day鉂ゐ煓忦煆火煄拣煄叼煄 #worldmusicday #music #vijayaniraula #musicquotes

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