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31 OCT 2020 AT 21:23

Sometimes, the reason for your sadness is your prolonging of it. It becomes comfortable. You invest yourself in sad music, poetry and ideas. If you reinforce how you feel, you will only feel it deeper. That's why it's important to keep your mind and spirit empowered.


27 OCT 2020 AT 14:19

The more you love, the more you risk. The more you risk, the more you experience. The more your experience, the more your learn. The more your learn, the more you grow. The more you grow, the more you’re living.


26 OCT 2020 AT 21:26

Those who are jobless and do not earn their livelihood themselves and they have become mature that without money: I can not even do my breakfast in the morning then what about the lunch and dinner everdyay to survive


26 OCT 2020 AT 21:23

Anything can be happen and happened at the any moment but Writer life is full of sorrow; We all mostly knew Why? so that we could become writer and express our feelings and of others


14 OCT 2020 AT 19:23

Keep Body, Knowledge and Skills Always On the Top!


14 OCT 2020 AT 19:17

That Money matters


5 SEP 2020 AT 22:19

👐A Head with lots of aches and tension
Me and Population
Have I turned wrong?

"I" is just drop of water
And this big whole sea

Uncountable expectations
And this lazy body
Gloomy days has come back
Smile has gone somewhere as well as brightness of face and attitude👋👏


11 AUG 2020 AT 21:02

Government will take decision for reopening of the school after taking guidance from Health and Home Ministry. Well, 400 KVS are under Red Zones!


11 AUG 2020 AT 20:31

Students do not have two times of meal after gaining degrees and certificate from the prestigious college and University!

Wouldn't they do suicide?


11 AUG 2020 AT 20:28



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