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Peppy Soul YESTERDAY AT 12:10

Are Men Always Wrong
Is A Woman Always Correct!?

If People Hear A News Regarding Harassment Of Woman
Or A Woman Claiming That She Is Being Raped..
What Do People Do?
They Don't Ask Her The Proofs..
They Just Go And Scold/DM The Accused Guy..
Is It Correct To Do So..!?
Recently We've Seen A Case
Where A Girl Had Accused A 17 Year Old Boy Named Manav Singh From Delhi..
Actually He Was Innocent..But Just Because That Girl Said That He Was Harassing/Teasing Her..People Believed
And That Guy Commited Suicide 😶😕
Who's Responsible For This!?
Not That Girl,But The People Who Insulted Him,His Family Without Gathering Any Proof Are Also Responsible
So I Request You To Please Check The News And Verify Before Sharing/Scolding The Accused And Anything Related To That
Feminism Means Equality For Both Gender,Not Just For Women!!


Peppy Soul 7 AUG AT 20:30

The Certificate Of Joy
The Relieving Sigh..
The Real Achievement In Life,
Is The Satisfaction Which You Get,
When Your Parents Don't Regret,
When You Have Many Moments Of Joy,
May It Be A Bunch Of Friends
Or A Beautiful Girl Or Boy


Peppy Soul 6 AUG AT 20:23

Different Aspects Of Life:-

Life Is like A Roller Coaster Ride,
With So Many Tides And Slides.

Life Is A Beautiful Dream,
With Some Awful Screams,
With So Many Ouchs And Wows,
With So Many Blows And Flows.

Life Is A Feeling So Deep,
Just Sow Your Crops And Reap✌


Peppy Soul 5 AUG AT 18:44

A New Beginning...

Life Is A Continuous Struggle,
Your Perspectives Need To Shuffle,
Due To Which Sometimes You Crumble,
But You Can Rise Again After The Fumble,

Fooling Yourself Is Easy,But Motivating Isn't,
Betraying Others Is Easy, Gaining Trust Isn't,
Struggle Is Eternal,But Quitting Is Optional,

Everything Will Change,When You Change
All It Needs Is A New Beginning
With A New Hope And A New Plan


Peppy Soul 2 AUG AT 12:45

Happy Friendship Day! 🙌❣️🎉

Life Can Be Something Else Without Love,
But Life Is Surely NOTHING Without Friendship.


Peppy Soul 1 AUG AT 20:54

With Family

In The Fights With My Sister,
At Times I Get Scolded By My Mother,
At Times When My Father Scolds Me For My Irresponsible Behaviour,
I Feel Peaceful Becoz All Of Them Actually Care!


Peppy Soul 1 AUG AT 11:41

EID Mubarak Everyone!
India Is A Country Which Is Known For It's Beautiful Diversity..
Here Eid Is Not Just Celebrated By Muslims,But By Hindus Too..
Here Holi Is Not Just Celebrated By Hindus,But Celebrated By Muslims Too...
Here In India,Religion Is Just A Division,We All Belong To One Community The Human Community
My India My Dream Land❤


Peppy Soul 21 JUL AT 20:56

Laugh Like You're 11,
Party Like You're 22,
Travel Like You're 33,
Think Like You're 44,
Advice Like You're 55,
Care Like You're 66,
Love Like You're 77.


Peppy Soul 21 JUL AT 12:40

Provide Space For The Introverts,
Turn Lazy Ones To Thinkers,
Turn Thinkers To Believers,
And Then Believers To Champions!
It Can Help To Explore The Real ‘You’


Peppy Soul 21 JUL AT 11:22

A Girl From Himachal With Big Dreams
Entered The Inhuman Film Industry
The Mafias Gave Her The Break,
She Out-Performed Everyone In Movies
As Usual,They Tried To Buy Her
(like Swara And Taapsee),
But She Wasn't That Kinda Lady,
They Tried To Humiliate Her,
She Was Still And Never Got Tensed,
They Tried To Make Her A Bankrupt,
She Somehow Stayed Still Again,
They Made Comments On Her Personal Life,
She Tolerated,
They Forced Her To Commit Suicide,
She Never Thought Of Doing It Even,
They Boycotted Her And
Wrote Blind Items,
She Made Her Own Production House,
They All Are Still Trying
To Humiliate Her,
But The Queen Will Always
Be As Brave As She Was!
Kuddos To Kangana!


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