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Joined 11 November 2017
Tejinder Kaur 2 HOURS AGO

सुना है पिंजरे के परिंदे उड़ना भूल जाते हैं,
मगर लगता है कुछ इंसान
घर रहकर जीना सीख जाएंगे।


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Tejinder Kaur YESTERDAY AT 19:39

Airports do have a place,
not in my mind
but in my heart!
Surely remembering our
first meet,
I tend to gaze at the
corners of airport!
The day I welcomed you,
never thought of
bidding a goodbye!
Who knew?
A good bye could
be a last meet!
Who knew?
You left for work,
and stayed for someone!
Who knew?
You loved more than
one at a time,
and the other stayed in
heart & life of yours!


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Tejinder Kaur YESTERDAY AT 9:13

वो कहते हैं तुम्हारे लिए जान हाज़िर है
जनाब! अगर आप ही न रहे,
तो हम हमारी ज़िंदगी किस पर लुटाएंगे?


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Tejinder Kaur 2 APR AT 9:26

Now she creates magic,
do I have to tell you?
Nah! She's a magician
she has a power in her pen.
Oops! It's her sword actually.
This birthday,
you may or may not
get a chance to celebrate out,
but my girl you gotta love
yourself and your people
with you!
She's gonna own
the world one day.
I tell you!!


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Tejinder Kaur 1 APR AT 17:31

I don't miss you anymore!
Wonder why?
This loneliness makes me
consider myself more!
I am alone but not lonely!
Being alone isn't a
curse at all,
it's just a time to love
yourself more!
I kept loving everyone,
but never looked for myself!
So now, I love being alone!


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Tejinder Kaur 30 MAR AT 12:12

उन्होंने हैसियत पूछी,
और मैंने तेरा नाम ले दिया।


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Tejinder Kaur 28 MAR AT 9:30

इन कातिल निगाहों से एक और कहर करते हुए
पूछते हो कि तुम्हारा गुनाह क्या है?


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Tejinder Kaur 27 MAR AT 11:36

अपनी सी,
कुछ सुलझी सी,
तेरे करीब आने की,
फिर पास होकर दूर जाने की।


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Tejinder Kaur 26 MAR AT 9:48

आज सड़कों पर घूम रहे हो,
कल दूसरों को दोष दोगे।
अगर एक बार दे दिया कोरोना के हाथों
तो वापिस परिवार कहां से लाओगे?


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Tejinder Kaur 25 MAR AT 10:58

वो बताते रहे बातें जिंदगी की और
हम उनकी आंखों में इश्क पढ़ते रहे।


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