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Joined 18 August 2017
Ted Circled 8 APR 2018 AT 2:13

Pursuing a goal can begin in a sprint or a slow walk, but do not scold yourself as long as you begin.


Ted Circled 20 MAR 2018 AT 9:47

With a giddy sing,
I used a string to fling my wedding ring, but then was suddenly saddened when it hit a dove's wing.


Ted Circled 19 MAR 2018 AT 8:03

When you allow a crime to continue when you could have easily have sought justice, makes you just as culpable - or sinful.


Ted Circled 17 MAR 2018 AT 6:54

After a youth was embarrassingly beat by a senior at a zestful test, the elder wagged his finger in the teens' face whispering now this is not a jest, regardless if you're as old as the queen or green & lean, to defeat any pest , curl up in a nest & be sure to get a peaceful rest.


Ted Circled 16 MAR 2018 AT 9:26

There's enough love in the world to make various religions, but not enough love for those religions to be at peace with one another.

(Evidenced by the Sunni Muslim majority uprising Syria against the president's Shia Alawite sect.)


Ted Circled 16 MAR 2018 AT 8:08

To hold others in contempt so as to fortify your ego or position, leads to pride, hatefulness, and war.
Whereas to aid others out of love simply because they are in a state of need amplifies everyone involved until the world is at a state of peace.


Ted Circled 9 MAR 2018 AT 9:44

Concentrating on yourself and your problems is depressing, whereas focusing on helping others will bring you to a more positive mind frame.


Ted Circled 5 MAR 2018 AT 9:44

After trotting over a hundred blocks,
my sweaty socks smelled like a rotting ox,
or fishy docks, and
when they landed in my laundry box,
they practically oozed small pox.


Ted Circled 5 MAR 2018 AT 8:36

To strive to stay alive,
give to someone
who isn't even living in
a dive.


Ted Circled 5 MAR 2018 AT 7:55

To stay fully alive in life, appreciate nature as
God's art


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