There is a wonder in the trees
Different, though are the leaves;
young, old, wriggled, straight
yet, together they pull a branch
I've never had such exciting moment
It is a memory that will surely last
A tree's power lies not with its trunk
but with the very leaves on a branch

A demand is constantly placed;
For support to carry weight
All have to work together
to stay alive and bear fruits
The leaves on the branches
The branches on the trunk
The trunk on the roots
The roots on the soil

image @grt_pics .....from the archives.... 07. 06.17 Sitting under a tree outside the premises of the bank and waiting for customers to come, I observed that the tiny leaves on the tree had exacted so much #weight on the branch they were attached to. Just then, the Holy Spirit reminded me the weights I carry. He said, these leaves are placing a demand on this branch to support them and the more they are, the weaker the branch gets. If ye #abide in me, and I in you.....(John 15). Even though the branch was attached to a mighty trunk, yet the branches were falling apart because they could no longer support the leaves. That is how it is that even as my daughter, you feel I'm not supporting you because you are engulfed in the weights mounting on you. It was a simple, direct and clear lesson I learnt. Now each time I see a tree, I'm reminded.

20 OCT AT 22:39