She couldn't help it.
She kept nibbling her nails in her anxiety until...

#Theloststory It is an open challenge guys. Help me complete my story. Unlike many writers here, clichés are bland for me. Come up with something totally different. Some thing which will surprise me.Refrain from creating a boy-girl story; really done with that stuff.

8 DEC 2016 AT 22:12

Under the stars, beside a lake, I was still awake, thinking of the day we camped out here on our 18th birthday. We share one, yes. And she snuggled close to me in our shared blanket, after eight long years it was still the same and just as magical.
-Anmol Soni & Sara Jothi

Another of #TheLostStory found with Sara Jothi. I stand no where in front of your words, but this challenge at least got us together. So, thank you for coming up with your magical words Also, the fellow writers Prithvi Gulati, Kritika Birla, Prem Kumar Chanda, Er Harsh Vardhan Singh thank you so much for helping me find #TheLostStory. Every entry was worth it. Thank you. ☺❤

7 DEC 2016 AT 16:35

Under the stars, beside the lake, everything around me was boundless. Staring at my reflection in the water, I realised everything inside me was boundless too!
 -Bharath Nandibhatla & Anmol Soni

So, here I end up completing #TheLostStory with Bharath Nandibhatla. It surely was an amazing one buddy.

7 DEC 2016 AT 16:19

My hands were folded, heart panting...I held the dagger strongly, closer to myself. As I reached to open the door to the yard, trembled with fear, the only word that crossed my mind was

It was going to be the end of that running chicken!

#theloststory #collaboration #myhandswerefolded #YQBaba #7Dec2016 Collaboration credits: Vartika Tiwari Modified a bit, hope you'll like it. :) Got some amazing response to #theloststory round. Thank you to all the participants, you all are amazing. A few other entries I'll love to share, which left me no scope of any improvement as they are at its best. Category wise: Poignant: by Meghana on prompt 1. Funny: by Indhumathi on prompt 1. Sweet/Emotional: by Jay, again on prompt 1. I'll share one per day throughout the week. But if you can't wait to read their stories, kindly scroll through the comment section of my previous quote. :) Also, do check the beautiful responses by Daljeet, Pooja, Aishwarya, Ranjana, Anjali, Anmol, Abhilekh, Suchandra, Bharat, Abhishek and Vishal. #DScollab #DSmicrostory #debashisds

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