~ Sounak Sengupta

It's been 20 years since the magic of DDLJ was created on celluloid. And ever since, SRK, a smug smile on his face, taught the hopeless romantics that if the girl looks back, she's in love with you. But today as she's walking away I knew there's no looking back. 8 months of constant bickering, occasional love making and a lot of promises for a dreamy future - all a sham, a lie. She was chaos and I was young. Attraction was inevitable as it was a hell lot of a chemistry. But two broken people can't always unite when they were not even the pieces of the same puzzle. As she walks away, my deepest corners were again getting slowly engulfed in darkness. For I was so engrossed in watching the sun shine, I never prepared myself for the sunset. Somewhere, SRK whispered, "Palat!" If love is a religion, SRK is god. But I am an atheist. "Palat!" And she looked back. We've lost our religion but kept our faith. #yqbaba#love #muse

14 JAN AT 15:15