Isn't it surprising? 

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Sometimes I sit quietly and wonder how strange this world is. The norms of this society are quite astonishing. In this 21st century there still lives a society where love is considered as a sin. Is it so? When two hearts become one when two souls become one we call it 'love'. Till today we find girls can't marry the person she loves. Whom she believes can give her all the happiness. Why? Till today we find caste, religion, social and economic status are given more importance than the purest feeling, i.e love. Why? People, is money more important than happiness? People, are castes and religions more important than our feelings, our emotions? Why do we forget that love is ultimate key to happiness? Friends, time has come when we have to think about that beautiful word called 'love' in different perspective. Time has come when love should prevail all these materialistic things, these norms. We have to think about it. #love #purity #normsofsociety #emotions #materialisticworld

29 JAN AT 11:24