every time you open your mouth,
it shows 
what kind of grooming you had, 
what kind of friends you have and
what kind of respect you will have.

Words are leaves. I read it in some english poem when I was a child. I don't remember the poem but these words stuck in my mind. My teacher explained all of the us,"The way once leaves are broken from the tree, same way the words you say, can't be taken back doesn't matter what you do then. If someone is hurt by your words, you can't do anything other than regretting." We can use our words to make people feel good, create harmony, praise people for their small achievement or to hurt people, to make them feel bad. Just the difference is with the latter choice, one will regret at some point in his life. You have limited words to speak, you have privilege to speak. Use your words carefully. #yqbaba #words #mouth #friends #grooming #respect #importance #silence