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#fasting quotes

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Debashis Sarmah 11 OCT 2017 AT 0:35

Are you sleeping more
To come into my dreams?


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Nandini Mehrotra 15 OCT 2017 AT 11:44

But no matter how hard I try,
This hunger for your love
And the thirst for your care
Seem to extend till infinity.


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Vartika Tiwari 11 OCT 2017 AT 0:18

So that one day
when my heart is full,
I shall give them away to lessen the burden of void created by your absence.


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Vaidehi Khandelwal 11 OCT 2017 AT 0:21

I'm longing forever
to be in your life
and not just in memories.


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Prem Kumar Chanda 11 OCT 2017 AT 0:09

I am fasting today
to feed on your memories.


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Sadiqua Fathima 29 MAY 2018 AT 9:29

Love can't be expressed in a word they say

Indeed! I said while having a morsel of food made by mom at 3am.


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Namrata Roy 11 OCT 2017 AT 1:56

Our memories have turned sour by now.
Is it worth enduring the hunger pangs?


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Nitin S Nadig 11 OCT 2017 AT 20:23

I am feeding you memories
So you would never
Forget me.


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Sushmita Kar 17 MAY 2018 AT 14:54

excuse me Sush, you are in dieting not in fasting ! Hurry up and fill me with diet foods...


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Ritika Punjabi 11 OCT 2017 AT 9:54

Because I have stayed hungry too long
Feeding on your lies.


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