Language Festival 2018



"Don't you people want to go on dream dates?" Somebody asked.

"Dream dates !! We often go on ones.
We talk of places, beaches, mountains, waters, countries and destinations..
Thinking together of those places makes us want to meet. And then after our 2am talks we bid each other good nights and promise to meet in our dreams by the lakeside. I sleep and I just cannot go drowsy. I think he calls me somewhere in the nights.
I feel weary..
And then i fall asleep covered with mists of calmness in my heart in the cold nights that make the darkness go vague.
I can feel him around. I can feel us around.
And I think I meet him in my dreams. 
Next morning he asks me how our dream date was, and I tell him the view by the lakeside and about us and how it happened.
And his perception matches my description.
I think we meet like this..
And we keep meeting quite often.
Apart in different cities; so distant yet so close to one another .
This is our kinda date.
This is our kinda love..
A love like this is enough.
It's enough ! "She replied.