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#cinemagraph quotes

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The Tangled Tangent 11 FEB AT 23:09

She writes love poems thinking of him.
He reads all and replies, "well crafted"


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The Tangled Tangent 11 FEB AT 21:20

He wanted to propose with a rose bouquet which she gifted on his wedding.


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The Tangled Tangent 18 FEB AT 19:46

Dear self,
Your crooked ill groomed nails, tell me tales of your anxiety. I've seen your hair less messier than your life at times. I have also seen the crescents more than the flattened plains of your lips , no matter how harsh the weather might have been to you. Your thoughts most of the times are mitochondria. While few instances they are parasitic, feeding and sucking out the little courage when you had to do new things. Nevermind, you are the one who laughs at me before life itself mocks. Like a frenemy letting me fall, learn and grow. I'm not bragging. But, I shall write to you more often, so that you know how imperfectly adorable you are which you're unaware of.


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Supriya Mishra 2 JUN AT 19:14

निश्चित है अपना मेल प्रिये,
ये प्यार नहीं है खेल प्रिये

(कविता अनुशीर्षक में)
- सुप्रिया मिश्रा


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The Tangled Tangent 24 NOV 2018 AT 13:34

As far as my arms stretched,
I caught hold of it.
That was my world.
Anything beyond that,
I never knew actually existed.

(Continued in caption)


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Harsh Snehanshu 16 JUN AT 9:11

Never believe when your father tells you that superheroes don't exist. One is standing right in front of you.


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Harsh Snehanshu YESTERDAY AT 17:49

You came like a firefly
and left like a firework.


You hold fire.

What a beautiful #cinemagraph

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YQ Book Club 13 JUN AT 20:16

".. because paper has more
patience than people."

Anne Frank


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The Tangled Tangent 3 DEC 2018 AT 13:41

Dreams pump my heart.
At the same time,
some screw up my mind.

(Read caption)


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Harsh Snehanshu 11 JUN AT 1:31

I open the window
into the universe
and hear it echo
my heartbeat.
Whoever said
universe conspires
to give you
what you want
with all your heart
must have been
at this place once.


The universe conspires. #cinemagraph

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