I don't need friends to celebrate my birthday 
My family is enough and sufficient for me.
Because my birthday is not my day
It is much more special day for my parents 
As God gifted them "me" this day.
Rather than spending this day with friends 
I prefer enjoying this day with family and adore my parents...

Birthday is not only ur day but a much more special day for ur parents. U like to get gifts this day but don't forget u were gifted to ur parents on this day. I have seen some people spent their birthday completely with frnds (not everyone do this so don't take otherwise).I m saying so bcoz kuch log hote h jo bday pr parents se pese to lete h celebration k liy pr us celebration me sirf dost shamil hote h mtlb kuch log apne birthday me parents ko hi bhool jate h) Trust me celebrating with parents makes u more happy... #birthday #enough #celebration #parents #yqbaba


Teri Nazre Hi kafi Hai Mujhe Madhosh Karne Ke Liye, 
Ye Alfaz To Sirf Mujhme Tere Hone Ki Gawayi Dete Hai..


15 JAN AT 7:18

Have fun and celebrate but, take care of others..

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#yqbaba #takecare #others #celebration On the special occasion of makar sankranti I would like to give you all a special message. News headlines for 15th January 2017, "N. Number of birds killed, animals injured due to kites." I request you to enjoy the festival of makar sankranti, fly kites, eat sweets and enjoy. But take care for others, the speechless animals and birds. Let us take care of speechless ones and lessen the number of deaths..💕💕😇

13 JAN AT 18:03