"Cut it even short, so that no one can hold it ever like this" she asked the hairdresser.

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She went to the hairdresser that day. She was called in next. "Mam, you have such beautiful hair, what shall I do with it" The hairdresser enquired. "Cut it short" she said. She was not satisfied... "Cut it even short" she ordered the hairdresser. The hairdresser was confused and curious. "Your hair would look amazing with a layer cut mam; shall I do that for you" she asked. "Cut it even short" Tears rolled down from her beautiful eyes "So that no one, ever would be able to hold it like this" she said.... #yqbaba #hair #bodyshaming

8 OCT AT 21:34

उसकी रूह की खूबसूरती 
देखने की काबिलीयत ही कहाँ उनमें
इसलिए उसकी देह पर 
वो उँगलीयाँ उठाते हैं।
तो न जाने क्यों फिर 
ये लोग श्याम रंगी
मुरली मनोहर के आगे
अपना शीश झुकाते हैं।।


6 OCT AT 21:35