MY cheap dress or THEIR cheap thinking ?

By walking through the dark street at night they called me as they own me on their sight i avoided because i don't want to fight got back to home but now its alright next evening i saw this evil eyes made me colder than the ice started following thought my place tried to pull my skirts lace get out from my way I shouted in slight fear he smiled as he couldn't hear "only one time baby he said in lust" I ran so fast after giving a slap nd throwing dust I spoke to my mother in terror and fear nothing came out but only a tear shree said women are ment for it I said no mother I don't care it shree gave a scraf to cover parts but mother I don't wear anything cheap... Next evening I put kurti on my body thought won't get noticed by any body same man came and pulled my scraf and slapped me publicly and laughed you bitch hote could you slap you think your this attair will make us clap "no you dog you proved my mother wrong but I don't fear you not any long few females came out with sticks in their hands as I shouted are there any braves on this land they were treated as prisoners still this evil prevails and this curse how people judge women by their clothes when men just want to set their back fire men with bad eyes will never get a blame women's will be questioned as only they created the flame society won't support women for this case goddess will never come out from this face for having a well cultured girl they all will be on stress and for all bad happenings they blame her cheap dress..... #yqbaba #yqtales #yqthoughts #bodyshaming


Black is Beautiful!

Black is Beautiful, irrespective of the fact that it is the color of a Skin or any Object! I was blessed with Fair Skin but with time during school days it got tanned to the extent that someone actually said that I was beautiful as a child and they had imagined that I'll grow up to be much more beautiful. (Not the exact words) The person said it very casually, but it left a great impact on my mind. For several years after this incident, the idea of being beautiful for me was to be fair. I became conscious of my self and also developed confidence issues, all this just because of someone's notion of beauty! People should realize that their criticism can develop some serious issues which can cause harm if not physically but mentally or emotionally. Everyone is Beautiful, Because Beauty does not comes with a color card! #yqbaba #yourquote #yqtales #black #beautiful #dailyquotes #bodyshaming

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Okay! They call you by names, bimbo, hot chick, slut, full of name, fame; shame? Creating a web of lame thoughts in conquered minds of stink, preaching habits of link, blink, wink, while they sink in the hypocrisy of being men, who rule the world, since ages. Flaunting the strength, in rages, wages, cages, still calling themselves innocent, bloody sages. No Honey singh, no badshah, no poetry, no salsa, can classify your beauty. It's not their job, no duty. Carressing, undressing, unfurling your soul; breeding on open scars, ruling your stars, wars, bars. Putting you in a cage, bounding, pounding, sounding like a devil of dark. Sending mixed signals, having them clear as a sea. Wait, hold, see, lean on the truth of the heart, not the mean society. Be cheap, wherever you feel, but not for those who find you a deal. Run, push, scream, have those balls behind the bars; who feel to have created enough semen for a lady, steady, not ready. Kick those ideologies, of hypocrisies; who call you ugly, for a damn face. Raise, chase, amaze them with your strength, your power to rule them. No books can call you ugly, who call white women pretty, their eyes, their minds, all those dumb, blind, shitty! You're a dream, no fantasy, it's worse, no necessity. You've skin, have some flesh, no skinny, toned, lean can make you ugly. You're what you are in your own self. You're not ugly, bad, heavy, black. Because you, you my girl, are flawless! #audioquote #flawless #yqbaba #fast #appopenmic #bodyshaming

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The world is praising for respect but I never understand this until i suffered from it that day .             I love reading write ups realated to respect , equality and body shaming. And many of us share such thoughts with our friends family on social media but what about the reality ? That one fine day i was wearing my favourite dress . Which was trending body corn dress i was dying to wear it and finally i wore it that day . I was shining like a pearl. And i went out of my home after a long time . I put my hair behind my ears with blush on my cheeks,  i was walking on the road when everyone was looking at me no , not me but my boobs ! Yes , i had big boobs but is it my fault ? There was one girl who was starting at me from top to bottom and then she put her hand on her face and giggled. My speed went slow and i again put my hair behind my ears but this time with scare in my eyes & i started running and suddenly i jogged one girl badly i said , "I am sorry " she looked at me and told her friend "she have big balls" and they started laughing. Big balls this is what she called a boobs ! So , girl your mother fed you from balls when you were you were born and craving for milk and this is what you you gave her in return ! I said nothing like this and went away from that place , i reached my home and stucked to my bed it was 3 AM when i was recollecting the whole incident and i got the moral that I GOT RAPED BUT NOT BY A BOY BUT FROM A GIRL WITH HER EYES !!! #rape #bodyshaming #yababa #yqbaba

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