Dear society,

I know I am skinny but that doesn't mean it gives you a chance to make comments on my body or tell me to eat. Me being skinny doesn't mean I don't eat anything or am on a diet, the reason can be anything else too. And trust me I am really not interested in talking about this to you people.
So, it will be good if you all keep your comments and advices with you, it's my body and I am proud of it.

This is not just a mere write up , this is something I always want to tell those who never think twice before commenting over my body. It might be an ordinary thing for some people but ask those who personally went through all this. No matter how much I ignore it but sometimes it really makes me upset. I really can't understand why someone's body weight matters to others? It's none of their business if someone is 'fat' or 'skinny'. I very well know that if after a year or something I will gain weight then those who give me tips to increase weight are surely gonna give me advices to decrease the same. But, now I am not going to take it anymore . #bodyshaming #skinny #lettertosociety #2 #YQbaba

10 AUG AT 21:19