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My 100th quote. Thanks everyone for your immense love n support ❤❤.. A body with stretch marks is indeed a body with tiger strips, Symbol of bravery.. A face with scars is indeed a moon with spot, Where moon is gracious n glowing enough to hide the mark... A belly with extra fat is indeed a store of all happiness that may be slim lime body can't behold.. Legs with less thigh gaps is indeed one clapping together to cheer itself.. Stop body shaming #yqbaba #yqdidi #yqpowrimo #yqtales #bodyshaming


It's dark.
I feel beautiful in it.

It's my skin.

I am the moon and i've scars, yet i feel beautiful and loved. My skin is dark and cracked at places. I am not a 'snow white' yet i am a princess. i would do absolutely nothing to change it. I would enhance it and wear it with pride. My skin tone won't matter to those whose love for me is pure and they are the exact type of people i want to be surrounded with. People's opinion on my skin won't lower the confidence i possess. It's my pride and i carry it, lifting my chin up. I would rather receive the support to voice it now than be praised about the same when i become high and successful. And no, i'm not a 'snow white'. I am the dark princess. #darkyetbeautiful #bodyshaming #yqbaba #yqtales #yqdiary #yqthoughts #yqquotes

1 DEC AT 21:18

She is scared of going out....
 she can't see herself in the mirror.....
As someone told her that she didn't fit in the society's criteria of being Beautiful


21 NOV AT 14:05