" I'm fat. I should lose some weight."
  - they said.
I wish I could make them understand,
"That's how flowers bloom."

#YQbaba #Theysaid #flower #bloom #fat #bodyshaming Nominated by Mahathi Anand Thanks a lot dear 💗 Yes I'm fat. But that's okay. I know being fat isn't healthy. But I don't eat unhealthy. If I have Bigger boobs and bigger butts than a normal​ looking girl (to whom you call healthy) I wish you haven't skip those biology classes. For your info, I'm a classical dancer and it has been 22 years of my dancing. I joined gym, yoga classes too. But how I make u understand if you're born with wide bones that doesn't mean you're​ fat. I was rejected and i was doubted.by them, They called me fat. I wasn't suitable for their son. A fat girl with braces - they said. I call myself "Curvy girl with a metallic smile". Yes I do have curves but I can't flaunt it. Because then I will be judged and called as "Moti hai, kapde pehenne ki tameez nahi hai, atleast scarf le liya hota". Yes I wear scarf whenever I go out. I'm huge because of my genes. Though I'm not a bio student but I know that. I cried alot because I was called fat, people still make fun of me.. I m still judged. But I don't care anymore. "The way I carry myself isn't because of my clothes or something, it's just my confidence I carry with a wide smile."

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Earlier calling someone fat was only cute fun but nowadays it can be crime.. 😷🙊


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