Dear Writers,

1. Word of the day is FINISH. Use it in your story or poem or one-liner and finish it with a great sentence.

2. Fill in the blank: The day I achieve my dreams, I _____________.

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7 JUL AT 20:11

Whatever you achieve in your life is futile, 
When Cost Price of your success is a lost smile, 
No matter how high you set its Selling Price
You will always face perennial loss that'll rise. 

WHY! You have accumulated DEFICIT 
in your Sole Account of KARMA

#YQbaba #achieve #face Mansi Goel thanks a ton dear for nominating me for the challenge😊 hope u like it

20 JUL AT 19:50

Everyone laughed when he said He'll be successful one day. 
But his parents were Sure that he'll achieve what he want to.

The Moral of the story is no matter how weak this world treat you or no matter how much this world will demoralise you the perfect place to find motivation is at your home :) Your Parents are your Perfect Motivation. Yes they might scold you for not achieving your goal at once but it's just because they know you have more efficiency then this. So just keep working hard and No matter how rude this world treats you just keep believing your hard work. May God Bless you all with tons of Happiness and Joy. Keep smiling Stay Blessed. #Sure #Achieve #World #Parents #Successful #InkScribbler #SpreadSMILE #SpreadLOVE #SpreadHAPPINESS

11 MAY AT 20:33

The day I achieve my dreams, I will complete the unfinished chapter of my life.

50 #finish#achieve#wordoftheday#dailychallenge#yqbaba#YQbaba

7 JUL AT 21:40