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Listening to my things, my younger friend asked me 
"Dii, how could you live with no expectations from your people? 
I always think how do you console yourself."
Looking at her innocent face i answered her with a smile " We expect things that makes us happy and when i bring a smile on their face, that makes me Happy. Whether that person is my family, friend, lover or anyone."

Expectations? The word which makes a person afraid of making any commitments. The thing which our parents don't have from us. The thing which breaks two lovers apart. Such a powerful word isn't it? Why didn't i felt the same? I wonder how people stay in love with someone with having expectations. Yes, we get hurt when our expectations doesn't get fulfilled. Why do we even expect ? Especially the materialistick things. Obviously if you're expecting that from your friend or your lover, you're using them in a way. I asked from my mom how could you have such long lasting friendships at this age? What do you do for it? She replied "Relationships only work if you handle them purely, without anything expecting in return" I questioned "So haven't you thought that why your friend feels the same? What if they betray you or aren't like you? " She said " Remember one thing, a person cannot betray you, she will only betray her good things which you were giving to. Do your best, with all your heart and you'll get what you deserve." #expectations #quoteoftheday #goodnightquote YourQuote Baba

The ones who dont admire your good , 
Stones you for their Unexpecteds....

Yes.... The world is strange !!! 


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