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Joined 8 March 2019
Syed Shayan 4 HOURS AGO

The day when we miss our childhood the most!!!


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Syed Shayan 7 HOURS AGO

That moment, when you manage
to win the college elections ๐Ÿ˜›


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Syed Shayan YESTERDAY AT 23:36

Let your clicks depict the beauty
that mere words couldn't ,,,
let the camera fetch the image
that the innocent lens of your heart
captures every moment,
something, that is full of innocence and purity,,,
carrying its own divine sanctity!!!


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Syed Shayan YESTERDAY AT 23:21


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Syed Shayan YESTERDAY AT 23:16

Let me reach the holy spot
between your divine thighs,
let me travel those sacred lanes
while you incessantly sigh,,,
let your wild moans echo through walls,
As I see an insatiable lust
in the blue of your tempting eyes,,,
let our tongue play that favourite game,
As we undress each other tonight
with absolutely no shame,,,
let the state of bedsheets tell
how our lust beautified the love ,
with a wild passionate raging tale!!!


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Syed Shayan 18 AUG AT 23:57

Freedom to follow heart in matters of mind!!


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Syed Shayan 18 AUG AT 22:04

When you are going for a
government job interview


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Syed Shayan 18 AUG AT 15:24

An Incessant test
for your patience
and everlasting hope


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Syed Shayan 18 AUG AT 2:40

In an incessant QUEST for PERFECTION,
what we seem to FORGET is the
ubiquitous FACT there is a BLISS in incompleteness,,,
a kind of purity in those little IMPERFECTIONS,,,
for not all DESIRES deserve to be satiated,,
it's this little VOID that fulfills the longing to HUSTLE,,
it's this everlasting INCOMPLETENESS that
completely carries the voyage of AMBITIONS,
sailing in the stream of PATIENCE!!!


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Syed Shayan 18 AUG AT 2:08

let the valour of your dreams
break every shackle
of your haunting past
to set yourself free
in the sky of your ambitions....


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