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Syed 14 JAN AT 0:05

you entered the most sacred vault
of my lone heart,,
soothing its unexplored areas,
just like a fine old art,,,
decorating it with colors
of your mesmerizing eyes,,
painting it with the blush
of your beautiful smile,
with your voice,,
magically calling my name,
As I lay captivated
at the hands of your mystical charm馃挄馃挄鉂わ笍


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Syed 17 DEC 2019 AT 15:02

Don't be so busy in being liberal,
that someone takes the liberty,,
to harm you owing to your ignorance,
of the ground reality!!!!


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Syed 17 DEC 2019 AT 14:48

to think that
everything would go,,
according to your damn plan,,
coz things have their own way,
of getting done,,
probably they shouldn't,
but they always end up being completed,,
but just not
the way we expected them to be!!!


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Syed 17 DEC 2019 AT 14:41

coz it's our unity in diversity,
that exhibits our most basic desire,,
We may follow different religions,
we may have varied faith,
we may have a number of different languages,
we may have separate culture,
but what matters the most is the ubiquitous fact
that our heart beat as one,,
we never fail to strive against adversity
as the firm force of humanity,
ready to battle every misery
and that too unitedly,,
and probably that's what
is our greatest strength,,
and that's what makes
our country so great,
and its citizens so esteemed,,
let not this strength be weakened up
against force of injustice,,


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Syed 16 DEC 2019 AT 3:08

In Solidarity With Jamia!!!


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Syed 13 DEC 2019 AT 12:52

Never shy away from
the act of repentance
coz a well intentioned and an honest
ask for forgiveness,,
never go away unnoticed in the eyes of Almighty,,,
Let your prayers be powerful enough,
and your intentions be noble enough,,
to take care of
the purity of your soul
and honesty of your heart!!!



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Syed 12 DEC 2019 AT 22:20


We are not same bro馃槀馃槤



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Syed 12 DEC 2019 AT 22:07

You are Shahid of "Kabir Singh"
I am SRK of "Veer Zaara"...
We are not same bro!!!馃槢


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Syed 12 DEC 2019 AT 19:23

you can't discover the new you
by going back
to old bad habits of yours!!!


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Syed 12 DEC 2019 AT 18:27

Today, let my lips decorate your world,
and make you groan by it!!!


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