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let me decorate you
in my heart's full moon,
so I can rest in the beauty
of your divine eyes...


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to the serenity of the night's calmness,
to the serendipity of a lover's mess,,,
to the silence of cool breezes,
to the loudness of owl's madness,,
trying to pacify each lone heart,
with the simplicity of its divine cart,,
trying to mend its every broken piece,
with the brightness of its light's peak....❤️


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rhymes come out of a well versed POETRY,,
like LIFE fights everytime with incessant MISERY,,
like hope stand up against every adversity,,
like a knight flights with an unprecedented bravery,,
trying to heal distressed soul
with herbs of my words,,,
trying to pacify them
just like sounds of morning of birds,,
reaching to unloved corners
of their broken heart,,
trying to soothe,
the uncared portion of their soul's part....


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An illusion of mind preventing you from productivity!!!


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Syed 2 APR AT 19:10

all your reminiscent pain,,
leaving you with good memories to retain,
making you feel the blessing
of a good company's gain...

the pain that it earlier seemed to heal,,
making you realise that it is an unfair deal,,
what you thought to be a paradise feel,,
what you felt to be a pleasant surprise,,
is nothing but a curse in disguise....


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Syed 2 APR AT 19:00

Even this nothingness has
something to teach,
if we can comprehend!!!


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Syed 31 MAR AT 23:17

यह हौंसला ही तोह है जिसने
जीने की वजह बताई है.... वरना,,
इस आलम-ए-ख्वाहिश ने तोह बस
संघर्ष की परछाईं दिखाई है !!!!


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Syed 29 MAR AT 20:17


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Syed 29 MAR AT 20:15

Nature and birds seemed to be
locked up in cages,
as humans were exploiting nature freely,
in the name of development....

Nature & birds seemed to be independent,
when humans are locked up
within four walls of their homes!!!


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Syed 29 MAR AT 15:21

jumbled up just like a Rubik's cube,,,
moving up layers by layers
on a topsy turvy mind's road,,
exhibiting varied emotions
in its self decorated silent mode,,,,
giving me realisation of things of past,,
motivating me not to remain stuck,
at any point in life,,,
as things or people, for that matter
do move on really way too fast in life...


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