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Hi, I am Swati. All quotes are my original work
Joined 12 March 2019

Hi, I am Swati. All quotes are my original work
Joined 12 March 2019
4 JAN AT 3:04

Finding Love on a dating app,
Often leads you to experience some crap,
Your love life depends on an accept or decline,
Which my generation does without any obvious sign,
Now you get that finding love is a to and fro game,
Where love seems to be just so lame.
It requires for a lot of interests received and sent,
Which is today’s version of time well spent.
Often you don’t like someone’s face,
Or the guy’s eyebrow has no space.
The colors of the background,
Decide what will come around.
Then there are days when you are rejected like shit,
And you decide this is it.
But one fine day while you are feeling plain bore,
You go back to check your compatibility score.
As you are back,
You reconsider that guy without the eyebrow gap.
Between so many visitors and your last seen,
A true connection is lost in between.
Then you wonder where is cupid,
Or did he just become so stupid.
Does he still carry his arrow?
While he promises love today and tomorrow.


17 AUG 2019 AT 22:30

One brick at a time, is how you build something big.


17 AUG 2019 AT 22:25

You were once a friend,
If not one at least you didn’t offend.
You were once my part,
If not, at least a part of my art.


14 AUG 2019 AT 10:34

I was waiting for the right time till I realized time just passed by


14 AUG 2019 AT 7:46

Comfort can be tempting,
But risk is worth attempting.


12 AUG 2019 AT 14:59

Poetry comes into existence when healing begins


10 AUG 2019 AT 14:33

Poetry defines the serene.
Poetry defines the wild.
Yet it remains undefined.


10 AUG 2019 AT 14:25

If you hate them, don't become like them. Otherwise you will have one more person to hate.


10 AUG 2019 AT 14:18

Do you know, when I say you are as pretty as a metaphor.

It is not a metaphor but a simile.


6 AUG 2019 AT 22:32

You are not weak, you are just scared.
No you are not a coward, you are just cautious.


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