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storyteller 881 22 JUL AT 23:53

इस जिस्म के समंदर मैं
है कोई जो बस रूह को चाहे....


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storyteller 881 11 JUN AT 20:12

खत्म कर अबकी बार मुझे ये ज़िन्दगी
सा आ गया हूं खुदको जीने की तसलियाँ देते देते...


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storyteller 881 15 MAR AT 2:22

इस तरह तेरे दीये निशान याद आते है
की ना जाने क्यू हसीन लम्हें भी मिट्टी मैं मिल जाते है..


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storyteller 881 3 MAR AT 12:38

आजकल ये दिल लगाता कौन है साहब
ये तो दाव लगाते है
"बरबादी" और "खुशियों" का..


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storyteller 881 10 JAN AT 16:57

Three easy ways to die

1) puff a ciggaret daily you will die 10 years early.
2) drink alcohol daily you will die 30 years early.
3) Love someone who doesn't love you back,
You will die daily.


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storyteller 881 10 JAN AT 16:49

I inhale your love like smoke
Nicotine for my soul
With greedy hands
I pull you tight against my lips
Knowing it won't last.


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storyteller 881 7 JAN AT 22:24

Cheating always isn't
kissing,touching or flirting.
If u gotta delete text Messages
so your partner won't see them,
you're already there..


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storyteller 881 6 JAN AT 17:51

Live your life
like a butterfly
Take a rest sometimes
but never forget to fly..


storyteller 881 6 JAN AT 11:28

I would I were a cigarette
between my lady's lith sad lips.
Where death like love,divienly set.


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storyteller 881 2 JAN AT 13:15

she surprised him with an occasional blowjob in the morning.
And he returns the favor followed by cooking breakfast.
He surprises her by letting her play video games with him.
and she response by whooping his ass at it.
they respect one another or get jealous.
they trust each other.
have cute arguments like who turn it is to do the dishes
or What ansewers don't count in scattergoires.
They are team. A club.
A two person gang that nobody else is
allowed to join.
Its them vs everyone else.



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