Sreepriya Menon (Sreepriya Menon)

A passionate writer/ poet . Exploring what i can is my passion.
Sreepriya Menon 5 HOURS AGO

Holding your hands
Cuddling in your arms
I discovered my home
Where even uncloaked
I felt safer day and night
A home where every breeze
That tantalized my inner depths
were the softer breaths
You showered on me.


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Sreepriya Menon 11 HOURS AGO

It commenced as a drop
Now I own the ocean of thoughts
Turbulating from my trembled heart.



Sreepriya Menon 19 HOURS AGO

My mere existence begins
With your ignition
Which set me on flame
A flame that never dies down
With sparks that can set you on fire.


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Sreepriya Menon 20 HOURS AGO

Speak when it is time
Speak up when it's past your head
Speak little when you require silence
Speak right when it's your time
Speak no ill
Be the voice you ever want to listen to.


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Sreepriya Menon YESTERDAY AT 21:06

A void it creates
When a person walks away
And memory remains
Dusting away the fond ones
Only the pain remains.


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Sreepriya Menon YESTERDAY AT 14:33

I remember the times
You sang for me
That trail me back to you
Twitching every corner of my heart
Uprooting the real me into you
Hypnotised by your melodious vocal
My adhesions irresistibly turn thanks
With your presence
Finally embossed in your arms.


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Sreepriya Menon 10 DEC AT 22:01

Inked on your skin
Is my soul
Wherein I touch
Every inch of you
With my poles
That peaks when
you are in my voids
Filling yourself in
Every way you could
To fill me.


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Sreepriya Menon 10 DEC AT 21:53

I confide my secrets to you
Yet you broke my trust
To be a secret to my pain
Which was secret to the world.


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Sreepriya Menon 10 DEC AT 21:20

To be content with life
To realise what is happiness
One needs to realise the same
That is when you can share your happiness with the world
To make a world of your own
Which is content to the fullest.


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Sreepriya Menon 9 DEC AT 21:32

For a moment
I just wish my reality is a dream
And I just wake up from it
To the dream, I cherish the most.


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