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Tamanna 11 APR AT 3:48

Story #4

Once strangers, those two came a long way!!
Boy was a gentleman, straight out of a fictional romantic novel, to the girl whose idea of soulmate was no less than a Disney prince.
But Love is now the only thing that makes sense to them...

Their hearts beat as one and Mind always thinking about the other... Eyes stealing a glance and skin waiting to feel that touch.

They created their own perect fairytale...in not so perfect real world!!


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Tamanna 19 SEP 2017 AT 22:02

Don't suffer in silence...Start filling that silence with words

Speak...if not then Write!!


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Tamanna 18 SEP 2017 AT 16:10

When all my friends were getting married...I was laughing out loud watching Mr. India in my living room with my PJ mode on!!


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Tamanna 18 SEP 2017 AT 15:57

Story #3

Never have I ever believed in Miracles... but that day it was almost like Universe saying to me - This is your Miracle!!
As I was standing there, trying to recognize a familiar face in the crowd.

I would call this a Miracle, that even after living so many unimportant stories..our story never changed. It is still as fresh as the first day we saw each other.


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Tamanna 10 SEP 2017 AT 22:50

Feel sorry for the lost souls...they are slave to the hate they harvest in their heart, unable to witness the love around!!

Only love can save them...maybe some prayer or else they will be lost in their own darkness.


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Tamanna 23 JUL 2017 AT 21:31

Somewhere, someone who has ever been wronged by anyone, cheer up!!
Karma is catching up...Yeah you heard it right,
I just had a chat with him and guess what - I have been served.


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Tamanna 23 JUL 2017 AT 21:13

Try to read the signs from your guardian angel, Universe or God- whoever it is your believe in as FAITH is important in life

May be he or she is trying to MAKE a beeline for you when you are distracted...Or you have stumbled after taking your first step


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Tamanna 18 JUL 2017 AT 21:15

Being a writer does not mean writing all the time....
Most of the time a writer is lost in thoughts even when he or she is in the middle of a chaos.


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Tamanna 4 JUL 2017 AT 20:34

You don't have to have a mentor or idol to get inspired...Get inspired by that one person who you see everyday in the mirror!!

Its important to be in competition with yourself but its equally important to admire once in a while how far you have come, how many scars you are carrying or how many nays you have turned into yays

Celebrate yourself and follow your Heart


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