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Joined 10 March 2018
Somil Sharma 5 JUL AT 10:22

ज़माने को देख हम बदले,
हमें बदला देख ज़माना फिर बदल गया।


Somil Sharma 23 JUN AT 15:48


Don't judge anyone by the
proofs of this 5 inch device,
Instead use your 5 inch heart
to take decisions.

I bet you for the best results..
(for you).


#yqbaba #yqdidi #yqquotes #life(live) _experiences #diary

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Somil Sharma 23 JUN AT 9:42

My silence doesn't mean
I have no answers.

It's just that now
My Reasons becomes
Excuses for You.


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Somil Sharma 27 MAY AT 16:34

Wanna change me?
Make YOU from WE.


Leave, nothing more.
#yqbaba #yqdidi #yqquotes #leave #truth

Somil Sharma 27 MAY AT 13:27

Yeah,I am liar;
But why my lies and your truth
are always in Repulsion?


Somil Sharma 13 MAY AT 21:26

You will not be right everytime,
Situations favour truth sometimes..


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Somil Sharma 4 MAY AT 22:29

For me sadness is not
RCB losing the matches,
or ABD gets out on zero,
but its about people trolling ABD for zero.
Simply I just can't hear anything against him.

I don't want Hundred from you to prove you are the BEST,I just want your hundred to shut the mouth of your haters..

You said I changed my team,I only change because I don't wanna hear your useless comments on my fav. Cricketer.

For me happiness is not RCB winning the IPL,
but AB Lifts the trophy in his hand.
#Not this season,so next season..


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Somil Sharma 28 APR AT 21:16

लोग कहते हैं धोखेबाज़ हूँ मैं,
हाँ हूँ मैं;
उनके किए का सबक देना आता है मुझे।


Somil Sharma 3 APR AT 20:18

RCB fan saying "ESCN".


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Somil Sharma 28 MAR AT 15:32

कल वो बाज़ार गए
अपना ज़मीर बेच आए,
आज हम बाज़ार गए
उनकी तस्वीर बेच आए।


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