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Joined 10 March 2018
Somil Sharma 13 MAY AT 21:26

You will not be right everytime,
Situations favour truth sometimes..


Somil Sharma 4 MAY AT 22:29

For me sadness is not
RCB losing the matches,
or ABD gets out on zero,
but its about people trolling ABD for zero.
Simply I just can't hear anything against him.

I don't want Hundred from you to prove you are the BEST,I just want your hundred to shut the mouth of your haters..

You said I changed my team,I only change because I don't wanna hear your useless comments on my fav. Cricketer.

For me happiness is not RCB winning the IPL,
but AB Lifts the trophy in his hand.
#Not this season,so next season..


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Somil Sharma 28 APR AT 21:16

लोग कहते हैं धोखेबाज़ हूँ मैं,
हाँ हूँ मैं;
उनके किए का सबक देना आता है मुझे।


Somil Sharma 3 APR AT 20:18

RCB fan saying "ESCN".


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Somil Sharma 28 MAR AT 15:32

कल वो बाज़ार गए
अपना ज़मीर बेच आए,
आज हम बाज़ार गए
उनकी तस्वीर बेच आए।


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Somil Sharma 18 MAR AT 11:26

Imagine you are running in a race with several competitors but bare-footed.Will it be easy for you to win the race?
The answer will be no.
Let the life be a race;award for winning race is happiness and your shoes are the money and fame which will help you to get happiness.
But remember one thing you wear your shoes under your "feet" .So treat money and fame like that and never take them on your head.


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Somil Sharma 16 MAR AT 17:58

Your coming makes me
Absent from Present,
Leave me.


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Somil Sharma 6 MAR AT 16:42

Why God ?
Everyone teases me.
I want white crayon.
To colour my black skin.
Do not change your colour.
Whiten their black thoughts.
Achieve every milestone
Make Proud,


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Somil Sharma 6 MAR AT 16:28

I would like to born in a world of HUMANS


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Somil Sharma 4 MAR AT 13:02

Family Trip

School Trip


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