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Smruthi -the thoughts 12 AUG AT 20:49

In mastering our lives ,
it seems life is too short while there is nothing to share about
but everything to hide...
just waiting for one .... the only one.... whom you wish could make the concealed story read ||
surprisingly then you will find someone next to you , a cute smile originates on your lips realising this one has survived along with you in the hidden story and story doesn’t need a reader! Calling him Fatso, a tight hug relieves everything. Fatso... my best friend !!


Smruthi -the thoughts 18 JUN AT 16:27

ఆసల కోసం ఏడవడం నుండి ,
ఆసయాల కోసం కన్నీటితో ఎదురుచూడడం వరకు,


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Smruthi -the thoughts 18 JUN AT 15:30

:Hey Smruthi!!


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Smruthi -the thoughts 24 MAY AT 16:40

He:Rukh ja mere maa
He:Abh so ja mere maa


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Smruthi -the thoughts 24 MAY AT 0:41

best part of your conversations!?


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Smruthi -the thoughts 16 MAY AT 22:42

He writes
She posts
He posts
She shares
He shares
She likes

Everyone loved😊


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Smruthi -the thoughts 16 MAY AT 20:22

అలల అలజడి అడుగులను ఆపక మునుపే,
యద చప్పుడిని ఆపేసావు!
ఏ సంద్ర తీరాన చిగురించిన చెలిమి ఆ సంజె తీరానే అస్తమించెను!
చిక్కినప్పుడు గాదే చిక్కనంటూ వెలిపోయినప్పడు అర్థమైనది *అరుదు* తనం!


Smruthi -the thoughts 30 APR AT 20:30

ఆ వర్షపు మొదటి చినుకు స్పర్శ ,
గుర్తు చేసెను ఆకరి సారిగా కన్ను చెమర్చిన తేదీని...

కనుల ముందు కాదని వెలుతున్న తనకి
ఎలా చెప్పను కడదాక తోడుంటానని!?...
ఎలా చూపను కడలంతటి ప్రేమను!?...

ఎలా మరువను ఈ మజిలీని!?....


Smruthi -the thoughts 26 APR AT 12:47

The blow of wind
untied her pony,
& that’s were he was striked by the breeze of love 💕 😊😊


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Smruthi -the thoughts 23 APR AT 16:48

During my childhood,
Every Sunday morning i used to accompany my papa to vegetable market.... it used to be so good, unknown people around, freshness of vegetables, screams all the way etc.,. these instances were awesome for the day to begin.
All the year it went the same until that day .... when i found myself stuck between inhaling and exhaling... clearly mentioning i was halted on hearing of the lub&dub so aloud for the first time. Realising the moment of reality... i came back just to see his face, only because of the fear that i had of missing smile of him ,holding his moms hand .
Days passed i became habituated on Sundays to go market not to help papa instead the belief i could see him again.
I hope it continued for 4long years. May be this time i guess he grew up ...older to leave the place for his higher studies and yea! forgot to tell he must be around 3-4 yrs elder than me.I was too young to name the kind of feeling i had towards him..... i wish i could redefine it now only if i can own him.


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