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Joined 10 October 2016
27 JUN 2018 AT 12:34

To bring REAL national issues and achievements into limelight, I think I should gift the placard mentioning it in the hand of Taimur


25 JUN 2018 AT 21:11

Who says one cannot multi task?

Aren't you already managing to live with different personalities of yours - online, offline and within?


23 JUN 2018 AT 15:32

पता नहीं क्या वास्ता है खुशी का लोगो से,
भीड़ कम होते ही बढ़ जाती है।


22 JUN 2018 AT 12:24


Dim x as an integer


14 JAN 2018 AT 11:40

There is difference between love and attachment.
Love can let go but attachment can't.


6 JAN 2018 AT 2:02

Read books,
not to gain sympathy
but to face the facts.


2 JAN 2018 AT 14:24

After Engineers, in India, Philosophers are the ones who will be available at the next door.


23 DEC 2017 AT 14:59

बारह साल का बच्चा पूछता है, क्या फर्क है आपके और हमारे बचपन मैं?

मैंने कहा,
"अगर मेरा दोस्त रूठ जाता तो पूरा दिन उसे मनाने में लग जाता था और आज आपका दोस्त रूठ जाए तो आप नया ढूंढने मैं लग जाते हो।"


21 DEC 2017 AT 22:03

People take out time from their life
for family and peace,
And I take out people from my life for the same reason.


10 DEC 2017 AT 8:24

Ever wondered, how brave you are? You didn't remain awake whole night because of the fear of not waking up the next day.


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