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Joined 2 August 2017
shuchita solanki 7 FEB AT 17:16

How beautiful is a Red Rose
The love that it's petals enclose.
Shivering hands exchanging it
While the hearts and souls commit!
Love in the air filled with rose fragrance
Embracing blushes elations and acceptance!


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shuchita solanki 22 JAN AT 21:24

I'm singing a broken song
Coming right through my burnt heart.
As long as you sing along
Nobody can tear us apart.


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shuchita solanki 24 DEC 2018 AT 23:56

I ain't Rose.
I don't please and romance with everyone around.
I'm sunflower baby!
You being my sun.


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shuchita solanki 21 DEC 2018 AT 16:49

Heartbeats and heartbreaks.
Burning tears and your deepest fears.
Misunderstandings and mistakes.
How painfully the day disappears.

But at the end of the day...
There's always a sunset waiting for you.
Breathe in,break down and let it take your sorrows away.
And indulge your soul in that majestic orangish hue.


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shuchita solanki 16 DEC 2018 AT 19:33

अगर दुआओंं में ही याद रखना होता तो दिल से दूर ना होने देते।


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shuchita solanki 10 DEC 2018 AT 23:09

Work so hard that the rivers of your tears converge and form an ocean of your smiles.


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shuchita solanki 5 DEC 2018 AT 20:24

रुकी सांस सी
सुखी शाख सी
बस यूँही तेरे इश्क में
जलती रही आग सी।


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shuchita solanki 4 DEC 2018 AT 22:27

A heavy heart and a pair of swollen eyes.
How gracefully a dream builds and dies!
Every voice becomes a melancholic tale.
Mocking you and your glorious flaws and frails.

But you're like that omnipotent Sun.
Unlike everyone and anyone.
Glowing in the gloomiest of the days.
Spreading out the shiniest of your lustrous rays.


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shuchita solanki 29 NOV 2018 AT 20:09

Love or leave.
But please let me live.


shuchita solanki 29 NOV 2018 AT 19:45

You were my Happy dream.
A quiet place to fall asleep.
You were the reason of my gleam.
And now the memories cut me deep.
And I don't know how to heal.
Don't know if I'll ever sleep and dream.
But now I know our faith wasn't real.
But I am still crying silent tears.
Hiding it behind a salty smile.
And fighting all my pain and fears.
Yes! I'm blooming but on a lovely isle.


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