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Random , average ladka
Joined 11 January 2019

Random , average ladka
Joined 11 January 2019
Shubham Kadam 11 JAN AT 9:52

In recent times I have been through bipolar situations..a very happy ones and some low curves too. We cutout from hard times or hard work easily when we are enjoying a long vacation ,meet our favorite people, doing our thing etc. But good times are the one that takes times to switch off dwell in it for a long time, you don't feel like going back to the real life , which is absolutely OK . That's what I am dealing with lately.
But the joy of good times thrives more when you go through hard phase or after constantly grinding in your daily life, after all that's the reality and we can't deny it .
ECG in medical fields which denotes our life has ups and downs..and that's what is life all about.


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