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Joined 25 May 2018
Shreya Mitra YESTERDAY AT 9:52

It hurts when a true friend dies💔

They are much better than those so called "human" friends.


Where are you chutki?
Wherever you stay, stay happily💔😞

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Shreya Mitra 4 AUG AT 7:49

We come across many adverse situation but still hold our hands tightly to overcome those.
There are times when we quarrel without knowing the truth.
And this habit of us will never change, and so,
Our friendship cannot be expressed in one day.
We celebrate it everyday.❤️


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Shreya Mitra 29 JUL AT 9:47

তোমার খুশির দনে তো
সবাই তোমার পাশে থাকবে,
আসল বন্ধুর পরিচয় তো
সেদিনই পাবে, যেদিন তুমি বিপদে পড়বে।


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Shreya Mitra 26 JUN AT 9:43

Hey loneliness,
And for how long will you stay there in my life?💔🙃


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Shreya Mitra 24 MAY AT 15:03

Many a times my ego rescued me from losing my self-respect


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Shreya Mitra 12 APR AT 14:24

Overfriendliness dumps you each time


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Shreya Mitra 6 MAR AT 14:36

It was a round folding paper
Expressing your love with lots of letters
Tied it with a lovely golden string
I used to read when I find all boring

U still lie within the paper
But vanished all your love and care
It still stays within that old brown book
With its torn corner and pitiful look


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Shreya Mitra 27 JAN AT 14:56

It just kills me when I think that the secrets which you shared with me one day is being shared with someone else today


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Shreya Mitra 27 JAN AT 14:53

প্রবীনের বিদায়
নবীনের উদয়


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Shreya Mitra 20 JAN AT 16:05

You will be somewhere gleaming in my life no matter how much complexity come to me.


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