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Beginner Hearless Quotes from heart

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Loneliness is just a term 
Never let your heart feel it
Otherwise if once you are struck by it 
You will be the most sad person ever.

Don't let your mind or your heart be upset of anything Just cherish what you have Keep smiling and let others smile too #yqbaba #yqdidi #yourquote

31 DEC 2017 AT 10:25

It's so easy to say I want to give up from this relationship but it's hard to live without that person

When she asked him why is phone was busy he was having no reply. She felt hurt. She was having full right to question him. He didn't answer. And now when she said she don't want to continue you said she is wrong. Why everytime she is questioned? Why he never understood her? Their love story was beautiful then why this happened. Let's hope for the best may their love story be successful, may this fight come to an end . #love #fights #yqbaba #yqdidi #yourquote

10 DEC 2017 AT 10:52

When she needed him the most he was not there then how can he expect the same from her but she was there for him as always.
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Her exams were on her head , she had to study hard, she thought he will support him when she will need him but he was busy in his own life. He gave her time but when he was free and she took out time from her busy schedule. There is a difference between the two terms. It's all about priorities because no one is busy if they want to talk to you they will cope up with you. All this created communication gap and this resulted in fights . Those long conversations became short those unending phone calls resulted in no phone calls. All this finally resulted in distance between them. #fights #gaps #yqbaba #yqdidi #yourquote

8 DEC 2017 AT 10:02

No matter how much you sacrifice your wishes for the person you love but they will be attached to the person wiyh whom they want to be.

6 DEC 2017 AT 11:22

Getting addicted to something or someone is acceptable but if you can't live without it is destructive.

Their love was totally different they loved each other, they understands each other but at a point of time they started ignoring each other's company. The thing was they were frustrated with their lives they try but they never understood each other's thoughts , feelings etc. They fought badly in the most worst manner started hating each other didn't talked to each other but they can't live without each other. They were in love.... Let's see where this love story will take them to. #love #distances #yqbaba #yqdidi #yourquote

2 DEC 2017 AT 8:13

He was a perfectionist
She used to make mistakes
But they both adored each other
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He never made mistakes. He used to look perfect he used to dress in a perfect manner whenever he went out etc etc. She was very simple ,she used to make alot and lots of mistakes in just putting one single step. She was short tempered, she used to get jealous and used to hold grudges against many. She was really worried of loosing him because she was a total child like character and he was a total matured person. She usually told him her fears and he just replied “I am yours and will never leave you" . She used to get relaxed after listening to all these words but there was a sort of over possessiveness she was having . Yeah guys it's love one always have a fear of loosing another but supporting in that time and giving each other full guarantee that no one can come between them is all what is about a love story. True love is really hard to find but when found is really painful to loose. This love story will go far at distance because these love birds carry each and every thing amongst them where fight or love. #jealousy #love #yqbaba #yqdidi #yourquote.

29 NOV 2017 AT 8:14

People who really love,respect feelings of one another
She aspire to become CA and he was in full support for her aspirations
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Loving someone means respect one's dreams aspirations. He knew she wanted to be a successful person not for herself but for her parents. And he knew being successful will take a lot of time and usually one leave when they knew a relationship will take time to flourish but this time situation was different he fully supported her with her dreams . She always managed to have a balance between her studies and he. In the same way he always respected her feelings and everything. Love is all about care and he always cared for her good life and a great future ahead and this proved their love story to be a successful one. Whenever he felt like there is unbalance in her studies and him he always chose her studies first and always suggested her to study and do all other things later on. This is true love and it's really hard to find and if you have found it hold it tightly and don't let go of it. #aspirations #love #yqbaba #yqdidi #yourquote

28 NOV 2017 AT 9:42

Finally dark clouds passed away
He was fine and there was a great relief on her face
She was really happy after knowing about his well being
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Somewhere love has a power to make everything fine again. There is a strong belief that if anyone has full trust on their love then there is no one to separate those lovers . Falling in love and staying in love are two very difficult aspects of love life but having full trust over their feelings and working for the well being of partners is what we called true love. Love is the eternal feeling which once got can never spoil one's love life. In my story the girl was having full trust over her love life and because of which now the boy was out of danger and love was again in the air. #yqbaba #yqdidi #yourquote #true #love

25 NOV 2017 AT 9:37

He was in trouble 
He met with an accident
They both were far apart 
His family took him for better treatment in some other city
She constantly prayed from god for his well being whenever they talked on phone she just console him that he will be fine.

Those moments hurt alot when the person you love is not with you and it pinches alot when he is in trouble and you are not with him. Life was really stressful for her because she was not with him when he needed him the most . Reason was she can't be able to go to that city where he was taken. Prayers usually work and she prayed she prayed hard very hard. Her tears spoke what she was feelings. I pray to each and everyone of you all please wish for his well being. #pain #tears #yqbaba #yqdidi #yourquote

19 NOV 2017 AT 11:46