Shreya Dalela







What is passion made of?

Of desire. Of energy
Of pain. Of misery
Of purpose. Of will
It's what darkness couldn't kill

Of madness. Of zeal
Of wounds that don't heal
Of thoughts that don't shut up
It's failing but never giving up

Of bruises. Of scars
Of trying but only getting so far
Of love. Of care
It's a soul unafraid of despair!

What is passion made of?

23 APR 2017 AT 15:22

The only way
To make peace
With what you lose

Is to think
You no longer
Desire or need
What you lost.


23 APR 2017 AT 0:19

Another flashback
Of the day you left without care
Once more I see our room
Devoid of your presence
The walls lost their color
Air got heavier
Making it hard to breathe
The blanket for both of us
Started to feel unusually heavy
It's weight kept me in bed
With eyes shut because it hurt to see
How all of our love
Turned into haunted memories
Another flashback
Of the day you left without care
It hurts how no words can explain
Why you and me
Were never supposed to be

Haunted memories

22 APR 2017 AT 11:07

There is a dark hole within me.
It leaves me feeling empty
No matter how much love and light 
I fill it with
It consumes it all,
Leaving me bereft of all joy
Sense of purpose is lost
I gather all the energy,
to fight this darkness
No matter how many times, 
I emerge as warrior
It seems like I never win,
Only escape for a while
There is a dark hole within me
And it comes looming every night
It's sucking up all the light
Now I know, 
No matter how hard I try
The sadness will last forever

Black hole

20 APR 2017 AT 23:36